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DealBook Today's Top Headlines - Febgruary 2, 2015: S.&P. Walks Back 'Retaliation' Claims | E.C.B. Again Ponders Aiding Greek Banks | Two Rulings to Protect Borrowers | Cement Makers to Sell Assets.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2015 TODAY'S TOP HEADLINES BY SYDNEY EMBER S.&P. WALKS BACK 'RETALIATION' CLAIMS   The giant credit rating agency Standard & Poor's, which was accused of inflating the subprime mortgage bubble, had portrayed a Justice Department lawsuit as an act of "retaliation" for its decision to cut the credit rating of the United States in the summer of 2011. Now, it is walking back that claim,  Ben Protess writes in DealBook . As part of a $1.37 billion settlement deal expected this week, S.&P. has agreed to acknowledge that it never found evidence supporting its accusations of retaliation, people briefed on the matter said. The Justice Department, Mr. Protess writes, which had "long scoffed at S.&P.'s claims, had  emphasized the retraction as a sticking point  in the settlement talks. S.&P. eventually agreed, the people said, though its acknowledgment does not address whether additional depositions would

The Washington Post | Post Pulse - February 1, 2015: Russia's bizarre proposal to condemn West Germany's 1989 'annexation' of East Germany.

What's trending on the Web now   •  Sun., Feb. 1, 2015 View in your Web browser To see Post Pulse in real-time, go directly to  Post Pulse . Below are articles trending as of 6:30 PM. Russia's bizarre proposal to condemn West Germany's 1989 'annexation' of East Germany Lawmakers will consider a new statement that would slam the reunification of Germany.   Read full article » D.C. rabbi accused in videotaping scandal refuses to leave synagogue-owned home Kesher Israel demanded that Barry Freundel move out after his arrest in an illicit-videotaping case.   Read full article » U-Va. sorority sisters ordered to stay home Saturday night for their own safety - while fraternity brothers party The edict "perpetuates the idea that women are inferior, sexual objects," a petition opposing it says.   Read full article » Does anyone make accurate geopolitical predictions? Tools from the Good Judgment Project can help improve accuracy in the f

NYT Today's Top Headlines - February 1, 2015: Top News: As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life.

Most Popular   |   Video   |   Subscribe:  Digital /  Home Delivery Today's Headlines Sunday, February 1, 2015 Top News As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life By NORIMITSU ONISHI New cases in Liberia, where streets were littered with the Ebola dead just a few months ago, now number in the single digits, according to the World Health Organization. G.O.P. Campaigns Scramble to Add Romney Donors By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida are in all-out battle this weekend to tap into the billion-dollar donor network once harnessed by Mitt Romney. Medical Costs Rise as Retirees Winter in Florida By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL Data suggests that many doctors, especially those in states known as winter getaways, increase their revenues by expanding the volume of diagnostic exams. For more top news, go to » Editors' Picks SPORTS A Tom Brady Sneak Is the