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bBNET - InterActive Business Network: When 'Get Good at One Thing' Is Bad Advice

Forget About Finding a Role Model Having a role model is great, but you need more -- a lot more -- if you want to get better at what you do. Read More Which Gender Wants More Flexibility at Work? New research finds 42 percent of U.S. workers would take a pay cut in exchange for more flexibility at work -- and one gender is twice as likely to do just that. Read More When 'Get Good at One Thing' Is Bad Advice Most people think specializing in one skill or business is the way to stand out. Here's why that may be the wrong approach. Read More VIDEO: Your Top Work Dilemmas -- Solved This week you voted on what's holding you back at work. Watch the Live1 to find out the results along with the best of BNET's advice. Read More