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MarketWatch Adviser Weekly MARCH 15, 2012 Strategies, news, analysis for financial advisers By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Why dividend stocks top TIPS for income investing 5 money moves a global value-hunter is making now Emerging-market bond funds boost yield, lower risk Dividend-paying stocks aren't for widows and orphans anymore, and, for that matter, neither are Treasury bonds, Jonathan Burton writes. As income-seeking investors know all too well, generating meaningful yield nowadays means accepting greater market risk and volatility. Yet one income strategy is capturing the attention of investors and investment advisers alike: Swapping inflation-protected Treasurys, or TIPS, for dividend stocks yielding 3% or more. Also in this edition of MarketWatch Adviser Weekly, read Conrad de Aenlle's Funds For Thought column about emerging-market bond funds, developing economies and their debt. — Anne Stanley , Managin