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ZDNet: Windows 8 will be 'largely irrelevant' to traditional PC users

Windows 8 will be 'largely irrelevant' to traditional PC users: IDC Mary Jo Foley: IDC’s top 10 system software predictions for 2012 are out. One of them casts doubt on Microsoft’s potential market for Windows 8 among traditional PC users. Mon Dec 05 08:37:32 PST 2011 Microsoft rolls out Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 Mary Jo Foley: Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 is out. It’s just one of a growing number of Microsoft products and technologies aimed at helping users bridge the cloud-on-premises gap. Mon Dec 05 06:58:10 PST 2011

ZDNET NEWS : Google Set to Aquire August 16th., 2010

Google set to acquire Garett Rogers: It sounds like Google is in the final stages of talks to acquire . The technology being eyed up by Google is visual search — the remnants of a company that used to search for people by face called Riya.Like TechCrunch says, the reasoning behind the acquisition isn’t quite clear — it doesn’t really [...] Sun Aug 15 21:26:25 PDT 2010 The problem with Google Voice Actions for Android Garett Rogers: Google Voice actions is a “cool” new feature for Android (Froyo 2.2). With this new feature you are able to tell your phone what to do, with just your voice. How about some of these examples:1) “send text to bob hey are you coming for lunch or what?”2) “note to self don’t forget [...] Fri Aug 13 14:34:45 PDT 2010

Microsoft : IE9 beta coming September 15. August 12th., 2010

Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15 Microsoft is inviting selected members of the press and "VIPs" to a September 15 event in San Francisco where it will launch the beta of Internet Explorer (IE) 9. READ FULL STORY It's Android day with Droid 2, Voice Actions, and Chrome to Phone Android poised to be No. 2 smartphone OS worldwide Google takes aim at critics of net neutrality proposal It's time for Google to take Tasks seriously

ZDNET: Top Editors Picks. March 24th, 2010

Top Editors Picks   CTIA: Mobile growth can't be stopped Special Report: From the Las Vegas Convention Center, the show may be a lot smaller than CES but the chatter is that it's a hotter show. New handhelds, new technologies and promises of faster speeds highlight the show. READ FULL STORY CTIA: More spectrum, and other ways to break the wireless data bottleneck Sprint, Clearwire rev 4G: Shelf life for WiMax? Dell unveils Aero; first Android handset on AT&T Recommended Improving Adobe Product Safety and Enterprise Security Learn how Adobe is taking steps to reduce risk for Acrobat 9 by employing industry-leading security software. BitDefender definitions update hoses PCs Antivirus software is supposed to protect you from having your PC trashed, but one dodgy update is all it takes to put your PC out of actions. by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes READ FULL STORY Taxpayer data at risk from IRS security flaws The

ZDNet:: Adobe Reader and targeted malware attacks March 10, 2010

Featured TalkBack Netbooks dead? Yes, in the student market at least The netbook is dead, according to my editor-in-chief Larry Dignan. I'm inclined to agree with him frankly; as Gartner and IDC project that netbooks will not sell as many as they have done before, or even ever. What do you think? Will you get a netbook? by Zack Whittaker READ FULL BLOG Recommended The advantages of row and rack-oriented cooling architectures This white paper contrasts room, row, and rack architectures and shows why row-oriented cooling will emerge as the preferred solution for most next-generation data centers. (Sponsored by APC) Must-Read News Adobe Reader and targeted malware attacks Microsoft plugs dangerous Excel security holes New Microsoft IE zero-day flaw under attack Vodafone HTC Magic shipped with Conficker, Mariposa malware 'Highly critical' flaw found in Opera browser ZDNet Blogs Google Apps Marketplace adds value, makes it