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WSJ: Intelligent Investor: Look Who's Buying Stocks Now

The Intelligent Investor, by Jason Zweig from The Wall Street Journal Call them the sheepish bulls—the people who know they sold low two years ago and worry that they are buying high today. How will it end?

WSJ: The Intelligent Investor: Will Online Financial Planning Catch On?. August 6th., 2010

Screen Savers: Will Online Financial Planning Catch On?  With the "flash crash" seared into investors' minds, would they trust a financial planner who climbs out of a computer? New online financial-planning services, led by a Philadelphia-based startup called Veritat Advisors , aim to replace the traditional in-person approach with a faster, cheaper beam-me-into-your-living-room model. Here, you feed details about your income and net worth into a secure website. Aided by advanced software, an adviser then generates a comprehensive financial plan and investment recommendations, followed by live video chats. Cheap, trustworthy advice is in desperately short supply. The economist Robert Shiller of Yale University has estimated that roughly 50 million Americans with no access to professional advice could benefit from it. But the typical financial adviser can serve only about 70 to 90 clients at a time, reckons Mark Tibergien, managing director of Pershing Advisor