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Russia - Ukraine Crisis | Monday, March 21, 2022:

 Source: Russia Relies Increasingly on Missiles, Artillery to Pressure Ukraine Matthew Luxmoore and Alan Cullison 10-13 minutes KYIV, Ukraine—Russian attacks struck Kyiv, Odessa and other locations across Ukraine as Moscow appears to be shifting its battle plan to compel Ukraine to relinquish claims to its southern and eastern territory. As its military offensive against Ukraine has stalled, Russia is increasingly bombing civilian areas in what is evolving into a war of attrition aimed at pressuring the government in Kyiv into granting concessions and acquiescing to Moscow’s demands. The seeming tactical shift comes as President Biden is heading to Europe this week for meetings with allies and partners in NATO, the G-7 and European states, including Poland. They are expected to discuss deterrence efforts, humanitarian relief and the campaign of sanctions against Russia . Russia’s foreign mi

Russia-Ukrain Crisis | Russia Pummels Ukraine Civilian Targets: Monday, March 7, 2022:

Image Russia Pummels Ukrainian Civilian Targets Ahead of Talks Brett Forrest 11-13 minutes LVIV, Ukraine—Russia shelled civilian targets and prevented people from escaping some cities under attack during the war’s 12th day, while Kyiv’s military held fast along several fronts ahead of planned cease-fire talks. Continuing campaigns to encircle Ukrainian cities Monday, Russian forces conducted missile and rocket strikes on cities and military targets in the country’s north and south, disrupting plans to evacuate civilians via humanitarian corridors, Ukrainian officials said. Ukrainian forces continued to frustrate Russia with counterattacks and sabotage operations. Russia’s failure to capture major cities and its mounting loss of aircraft and armored vehicles have increased pressure on Moscow in a campaign that has drawn global condemnation and sanctions . Ukrainian and Russian n

Russia | The U.S. Ukraine Crisis, by Reuters:

 Source: Russia sees some room for dialogue after U.S. security response January 27, 20226:40 AM GMT-5Last Updated 26 minutes ago 3-4 minutes Summary U.S. has responded formally to Russia security demands Kremlin says it won't rush with an assessment Russian troops remain close to Ukraine's border <a href="">Graphic:</a> MOSCOW, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursday the United States had shown it was not willing to address Moscow's main security concerns, set out during their standoff over Ukraine, but that both sides had an interest in continuing dialogue. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow, which has massed troops near Ukraine, would not rush to draw conclusions after Washington formally responded to Russian proposals for a redrawing of post-Cold War security arrangements in Europe. Describing t

Ukraine Crisis: | Biden threatens Putin with sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine, by Reuters.

 Source: Biden threatens Putin with sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine January 25, 20222:44 PM GMT-5Last Updated 2 minutes ago 5-7 minutes Summary Tensions high after Russia masses troops near Ukraine U.S., others discuss ways to protect energy supplies UK's Johnson urges European allies to ready sanctions Russia said it is watching with great concern WASHINGTON/MOSCOW, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Western leaders stepped up preparations for any Russian military action in Ukraine on Tuesday, with talks taking place on protecting energy supplies and President Joe Biden saying he would consider imposing direct sanctions on President Vladimir Putin. Tensions remained high after NATO said on Monday it was putting forces on standby and reinforcing eastern Europe with more ships and fighter jets in response to Russia's troop build-up near its border with Ukraine. Russia, which denies planning an attack, s