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News | Politics | US Election: Trump fires election security official who contradicted him

  6-8 minutes - Source: BBC image copyrightReuters image captionChris Krebs was a Trump appointee Donald Trump says he has fired a top election official who contradicted the US president's claims of voter fraud. President Trump said he "terminated" Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) chief Chris Krebs for his "highly inaccurate" remarks on vote integrity. Mr Trump has refused to concede the US election, and has made unsubstantiated claims of "massive" voter fraud. Election officials said the vote was the "most secure" in US history. Mr Krebs is the latest official to be dismissed by the US president following his defeat, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper also shown the door amid reports Mr Trump doubted the Pentagon chief's loyalty. There is speculation in Washington DC that before Mr Trump leaves office in January, CIA director Gina Haspel and FBI director Christopher Wray could also b

News | Politics | US Election | Biden: 'More people may die' as Trump transition stalls

  5-6 minutes - Source: BBC US President-elect Joe Biden has warned that "people may die" if his incoming administration continues to be impeded by incumbent Donald Trump. Mr Biden said co-ordination was needed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. He called President Trump's refusal to acknowledge he lost the election, despite calls to do so from both sides, "totally irresponsible". The Trump campaign launched a flurry of legal challenges in the wake of the 3 November vote to contest ballot counts. The president's team is trying to have courts overturn votes in key states on the grounds that many ballots were invalid or improperly counted. So far those efforts have failed and no evidence of significant fraud has emerged. President-elect Biden, a Democrat, has 306 votes in the electoral college, surpassing the 270 threshold needed to win. Yet Mr Trump, a Republican, tweeted on Monday: "I won the Election!" The govern

'News | Politics | US Election: The fight for America': The world is watching the U.S. election. Here's what it thinks

  Holly Ellyatt 5-7 minutes - Source: CNBC US President Donald Trump speaks during a Make America Great Again rally at Kenosha Regional Airport November 2, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI | AFP | Getty Images LONDON — As the day of the 2020 U.S. election dawns, the whole world is watching on with baited breath. Campaigning by incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden amid an unprecedented public health crisis — the coronavirus pandemic — has given the outside world an insight into the issues that matter to American voters, from the economy and jobs to health care and racial equality. The run-up to the vote has also highlighted the political polarization that has split American voters. Beyond its shores, the U.S. election matters because the next president will shape not only America’s future, but the international political landscape too. A disputed result and potential civil unrest in the U.S.

News | Politics | US Election: Biden Courts Latino Voters as Tie-Breakers in Tight Florida Race

  Jennifer Epstein 4-5 minutes - Source: BLOOMBERG Joe Biden arrives to a drive-in campaign rally in Coconut Creek, Florida. Photographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday appealed to Hispanic voters in Florida, a closely divided battleground state where a win next week could be key to securing the presidency. “The heart and soul of the country is at stake right here in Florida. It’s up to you. You hold the key. If Florida goes blue, it’s over,” the Democratic presidential nominee said in Coconut Creek in Broward County, which stretches south from Fort Lauderdale toward Miami and is a key source of Democratic votes in the state. Althoug

News | Politics | US Election: US Election 2020: Trump slams lockdowns, Biden accuses him of insulting victims

  6-7 minutes - Source: BBC image copyrightReuters image captionPresident Trump mocked mask-wearing mandates at a rally in Arizona on Wednesday President Donald Trump has urged states to shun lockdowns as his Democratic rival Joe Biden said the pandemic could not be stopped by "flipping a switch". Continuing a whirlwind schedule of rallies in battleground states, Mr Trump also mocked mask mandates. Mr Biden said Mr Trump's handling of America's worsening coronavirus crisis was an "insult" to its victims. The Democrat has a solid national lead over the Republican president six days before the 3 November election. But Mr Biden's advantage is narrower in the handful of US states that could vote either way and ultimately decide who wins the White House. More than 75 million Americans have voted early, nearly 50 million of them by post, in a record-breaking voting surge driven by the pandemic. Virus deaths are rising in 39 US st

News | Politics | US Election: US election: Biden hits new battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest

  6-8 minutes - Source: BBC media captionTrump: "We're getting your husbands back to work" Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump as a conman during a campaign foray into traditionally Republican territory. In Georgia, Mr Biden said that Mr Trump's handling of coronavirus amounted to a "capitulation". Mr Trump kept blitzing the swing states that he won in 2016, warning in Michigan that its "economic survival" was on the line if Mr Biden won. According to opinion polls, Mr Trump lags behind with a week to go. But the race is tighter in critical battleground states such as Arizona, Florida and North Carolina. More than 69 million people have already voted early by post or in person in a record-breaking surge driven mainly by the coronavirus pandemic. What did Trump say? On Tuesday, Mr Trump held rallies in Nebraska and two states he snatched from Democrats

News | Politics | US Election: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court

  6-7 minutes - Source: BBC media captionAmy Coney Barrett confirmed to the US Supreme Court The US Senate has confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in a victory for President Donald Trump a week before the presidential election. Mr Trump's fellow Republicans voted 52-48 to approve the judge, overcoming the unified opposition of Democrats. Her appointment seals for the foreseeable future a 6-3 conservative majority on the top US judicial body. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called the move rushed and unprecedented. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said that by going ahead with the vote so close to the election the Republican majority was "lighting its credibility on fire". Justice Barrett, 48, took the oath of office at the White House alongside President Trump. Only one Republican, Senator Susan Collins, who faces a tough re-election battle in Maine, voted against the presid

News | Politics | US Election: Trump refuses to participate in virtual debate on Oct. 15: 'I'm not going to waste my time'

  Christina Wilkie 3 minutes - Source: CNBC WASHINGTON -- The second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, slated to take place on Oct. 15, will be held virtually, the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates said Thursday.  Minutes later, Trump said he would not participate. “No i’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” he said. Citing a need to “protect the health and safety of all involved,” the commission said in a statement, “The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations.” The debate’s location in Miami, Florida and the moderator, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully will remain unchanged, they said. The announcement came six days after Trump announced early last Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for coronavirus.   Since Trump’s diagnosis, more than a do

News | Politics | US Election: Covid spreads further among Trump's inner circle

  7-9 minutes - Source: BBC Image copyright Reuters Image caption White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller says he has tested positive for Covid Covid-19 is spreading further among those around US President Donald Trump, with White House adviser Stephen Miller and a top military official infected. Mr Miller, who has been self-isolating for the past five days, confirmed on Tuesday that he had tested positive. Several military leaders are also quarantining after Coast Guard official Admiral Charles Ray tested positive. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said Mr Trump should not debate him if he is still infected. Spea

News | Politics | US Election: 30 Asia-based market strategists reveal how they're playing the U.S. election

  Tanvir Gill 6-7 minutes - Source: CNBC Joe Biden and Donald Trump speak during the first U.S. presidential debate on Sept. 29, 2020. Kevin Dietsch/UPI | Bloomberg | Getty Images SINGAPORE — Stock market analysts in Asia clearly do not agree on who will win the U.S. presidential election . But they’re pretty unified on how they plan to play it. CNBC asked 30 strategists a series of questions about the U.S. election and their current investments, offering them anonymity in exchange for their views. All 30 respondents were based in the Asia-Pacific region. CNBC carried out the email-based early last week, and subsequently followed up with the strategists to ask if they had changed their outlook following the first presidential debate and the news that President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus . (Of the 30 respondents, three modified their predictions on the election’s outcome.) Who wins in 2020? The Asia-based investors

News | Politics | US Election: 'Don't be afraid,' Trump says on leaving hospital

  8-10 minutes - Source: BBC US President Donald Trump has made a theatrical return to the White House to continue his treatment for coronavirus after a three-night hospital stay. Mr Trump, who is still contagious, removed his mask on the balcony of the White House, while posing for pictures. His physician said he would continue treatment from there, and he "may not entirely be out of the woods yet". Several of Mr Trump's staff and aides have also tested positive for the virus in recent days. Questions remain over the seriousness of Mr Trump's illness after a weekend of conflicting statements. The US has had 7.4 million cases of Covid-19 and 210,000 deaths. Mr Trump's diagnosis has upended his campaign for a second term in office, less than a month before the Republican president faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the presidential election. What happened during Trump's return? Wearing a navy busin