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Analysis | The Health 202: Social distancing hasn't been as effective in stemming U.S. coronavirus deaths as policymakers had hoped.

By Paige Winfield Cunningham 16-20 minutes - Source: The Washington Post with Paulina Firozi Social distancing isn’t having the effects many had hoped for. Despite encouraging signs on the nation’s East and West coasts, daily diagnosed cases of the novel coronavirus appear to still be on the rise in about 20 states. A number of rural counties have become unexpected hot spots in recent weeks, including in the Black Belt region of Mississippi and Alabama and in communities throughout Iowa and northern Texas around the Oklahoma panhandle. The country's overall daily figures of diagnoses and deaths have plateaued, worrying health policymakers as many states move to reopen parts of their economy. A sign at St. Pete Beach, Fla. (Steve Nesius/Reuters) That steep curve of covid-19 cases in March and April isn't receding the way it rose. Hot spots are shifting geographically from New York City to areas around the country.