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The World Bank Group Weekly Update - February 4, 2015:: Who Gains and Who Loses from Oil Price Plunge?.

World Bank Group Weekly Update   Who Gains and Who Loses from Oil Price Plunge? Judging by the futures market, where the price of oil for delivery in August 2015 is $56 per barrel, there is little optimism about a recovery in oil prices. With cheap oil looking like it is here to stay, here’s a breakdown of potential consequences for the Middle East and North Africa.  Read More » Report  |  Release  |  Video Blog  |  Slideshow Infographic  |  Global Economic Prospects HIGHLIGHTS     Boosting Solar Energy Capacity in Africa IFC has launched an initiative to expand the market for solar power in Africa, stimulate competition, and lower tariffs to customers. Read More » Safeguarding Development from Natural Disasters Natural disasters can hit developing countries with an economic force that can roll back development gains and exacerbate inequality. Read More » What Will It Take to Create More and Better Jobs in Laos? With almost 1

The World Bank Group Weekly Update December 19, 2013.

    December 19, 2013 World Bank Group Weekly Update   Record Support for Poorest Countries Despite tough economic times, a global coalition of developed and developing countries pledged a record $52 billion in financing over the next three years for the World Bank?s fund for the poorest, the International Development Association.  Read More ? Transcript  |  Video  |  Website   HIGHLIGHTS       Corruption: ?Public Enemy No. 1?   Opening Up Worlds of Information   Improving Women?s Odds in Disasters   What Can You Buy for 1 Dollar? The World Bank Group is stepping up its fight against corruption, and President Jim Yong Kim called on developing countries and the private sector to be part of the solution. ?We will never tolerate corruption, and I pledge to do all in our power to build upon our strong fight against it,? he said.   The 2013 World Bank Access to Information Annual Report was released this week, highlighting how the Bank?s Access to Information Policy has pr