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The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Articles:( 5) Buffett Slams Tax System Disparities

1) Wisconsin Senate Democrats preparing to return, lawmaker says The Democratic Senators who fled Wisconsin to try to stall a vote on a labor rights measure were making plans on Thursday to return to the state capital and fight back against what one of them called "political thuggery in its worst form." 2) NPR general counsel serving as interim CEO after Schiller resignation WASHINGTON -- NPR's top lawyer is serving as interim president and CEO while the board of directors searches for a replacement for Vivian Schiller. 3) Google search guru visits D.C. on anti-search regulation tour Google search engine guru Matt Cutts met with members of the Federal Trade Commission and staff on Capitol Hill this week to argue why the firm opposes federal rules on Internet search results. 4) Dalai Lama says he will relinquish political role to democratically elected leader DHARMSALA, INDIA - The Dalai Lama said Thursday that he plans to relinquish his po

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read articles.-China replaces senior Foreign Ministry official.

1) China replaces senior Foreign Ministry official BEIJING -- China has replaced a top diplomat amid a trend toward greater assertiveness in handling territorial disputes and participating in global organizations. 2) CIA launches task force to assess impact of U.S. cables' exposure by WikiLeaks The CIA has launched a task force to assess the impact of the exposure of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and military files by WikiLeaks. 3) At Charleston's Secession Ball, divided opinions on the spirit of S.C. CHARLESTON, S.C.- "Dixie," that emotionally freighted and much-debated anthem of the old Confederacy, starts soft when it's done right, barely above a whisper. But each sotto voce syllable of the opening verse, each feather-light scrape of the fiddle strings, could be heard without straining whe... 4) Rex Grossman might not be a star, but he might be what Mike Shanahan wants Jake Plummer. That's what's really interesting a

The Washington Post - Afternoon Edition - Today's Most Read Articles.

1) A fond farewell to The Post This is the first column I ever dreaded writing, the only time I can recall experiencing that thing known as writer's block. It's my last column for The Washington Post, 20-some years after my first one and 311/2 years after I walked in the door as a summer intern. It's not Shirley Povich's 75 ye... 2) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested on Swedish warrant, denied bail LONDON - Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks Web site whose release of sensitive U.S. documents on the Internet has generated outrage and embarrassment in official circles, was denied bail Tuesday after he was arrested by British police on a Swedish warrant for alleged sex crimes. 3) Obama: On the way to a failed presidency? He has a clear mandate and risks more than reelection if he shirks it. 4) Tax-cut deal has liberal Democrats fuming Some liberal lawmakers and activists angrily attacked the Obama administration Monday nigh

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Articles

1) Fast-casual Indian fare, recipe for a dream During last week's opening day for Merzi, a fast-casual Indian restaurant in the District, owner Qaiser Kazmi estimates, he served up rice bowls and naan rolls to some 350 people. That's more than triple the crowds he used to attract at the Chevron mini-mart in Anne Arundel County, where he start... 2) U.S. steps up pressure on China to rein in North Korea The United States has stepped up diplomatic pressure on China by accusing its leaders of "enabling" North Korea to start a uranium-enrichment program and to launch attacks on South Korea, a senior U.S. administration official said this weekend. 3) Thomas Boswell: Albert Haynesworth must be let go - now The silly saga that is Albert Haynesworth was on display once again on Sunday, and it's clearly time for the Redskins to send the defensive lineman packing. 4) Can Democrats step up their game? Observations from three Democrats who w