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The Washington Post Afternoon Edition | Politics : House passes GOP’s 2012 budget plan

HEADLINES House passes GOP’s 2012 budget plan Voting along party lines, the House approved the $3.5 trillion GOP blueprint 235 to 193 after final debate was repeatedly interrupted by protesters chanting and singing in the gallery. Four Republicans joined all Democrats in voting “no.” » Read full article DCCC Chair: Dems will win back House Steve Israel said that Dems plan to use the Medicare vote today to go on the offensive against Republicans from now all the way until Election Day 2012. » Read full article Iowa Republican Rep. Tom Latham (R) will forego a primary race against Rep. Steve King (R) in the newly drawn 4th district and will instead travel south to challenge Rep. Leonard Boswell in the 3rd, the first of many redistricting-forced incumbent versus incumbent matchups in the 2012 election. » Read full article The Fix: Mitt Romney’s pitfalls What will be the biggest hurdle of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign? » Read full article Ezra Klein: Th

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition | Politics: House GOP unveils plan for deep budget cuts

1) House GOP unveils plan for deep budget cuts The blueprint urges a sweeping transformation of federal health programs that would wipe out funding for Obama’s health-care initiative, slash Medicaid and end Medicare as an open-ended entitlement. » Read full article 2) White House meeting fails to produce budget deal, Boehner’s office says President Obama urged Republican and Democratic congressional leaders Tuesday to resolve their remaining differences over a budget deal that would avert a government shutdown and said he would invite them back to the White House for a negotiating session on Wednesday if they fail to reach agreement. » Read full article 3) Tim Kaine to run for Senate in Virginia DNC Chairman Tim Kaine announced today that he would immediately resign his post to pursue a run for Senate. » Read full article 4) Senate votes to repeal health-care provision Senate vote on Tuesday ends nearly a year’s worth of efforts to do away with the 1099 tax

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition | Politics: THE FIX: Introducing the Obama doctrine

HEADLINES 1) THE FIX: Introducing the Obama doctrine The president laid out a foreign policy agenda Monday night that will be put to the test in the coming weeks and months. » Read full article 2) What John Bolton wants The former U.N. ambassador has little to no shot at the GOP nomination, but he may run as a protest candidate. » Read full article 3) What we learned from Obama’s speech - and what we didn’t President Obama attempted to reshape public opinion on his Libya policy in his speech Monday night. Did he succeed? » Read full article 4) 2CHAMBERS: Islam returns to the spotlight Three weeks after a House hearing on Islamic radicalization, the Senate held a hearing Tuesday on Muslim Americans’ rights. » Read full article 5) 44: Trump defends ‘birther’ claims Donald Trump has taken his claims regarding President Obama’s birth certificate to a new level. » Read full article