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The Washington Post Afternoon Edition . Today's Most Read Articles

1) Health insurers face new federal rules on medical spending The Obama administration issued far-reaching rules Monday to carry out a controversial promise that the new health-care law makes to consumers: insurers must spend at least $4 out of $5 they collect through premiums on direct medical services and other means to improve Americans' health. 2) Attack on Michelle Obama shows Palin's ignorance of history Palin could not lead black or Hispanic America. 3) Irish government unveils $20 billion in spending cuts LONDON - Desperate to seal a deal for an international bailout, the government in Ireland on Wednesday unveiled a painful, four-year plan for $20 billion in spending cuts and new taxes that would slash unemployment benefits and cut welfare payments for the already hard-hit Irish public. 4) Jimmy Carter: North Korea's consistent message to the U.S. Choose between diplomatic niceties or a catastrophic confrontation. 5) Allen West, one

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition: Today's Most Read Articles

1) Breyer says justices must adapt to Facebook world NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Don't expect a Facebook friend request from Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer any time soon. 2) If you won't submit to screening, you won't fly, TSA says Airline passengers who object to any type of physical screening are not going to fly anywhere, the head of the Transportation Security Administration told a congressional committee Tuesday. 3) GOP to jobless: Drop dead More than a century ago, a former congressman from Nebraska electrified delegates gathered in Chicago for the Democratic National Convention with a stirring denunciation of Wall Street and the monied interests that would put an over-indebted country through a wrenching recession in order to maint... 4) Murkowski lead seems insurmountable Sen. Lisa Murkowski could declare victory in her write-in reelection campaign by Wednesday evening, even though a spokesman for her opponent, Joe Miller, has t

The Washington Post Afternoon Edition.Today's Most Read Articles

Most Viewed Articles on 1) Activist is stomped outside Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate This post was last updated at 11:09 a.m. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that a female supporter named Lauren Valle was attacked by backers of Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul on Monday when she attempted to approach Paul outside his final debate with Democrat Jack Conway... 2) Slain AU professor's Jeep found driver arrested D.C. police have charged a 18-year-old man with driving a Jeep Cherokee that belonged to the American University professor found slain inside her Montgomery County home Monday morning. 3) Holding out hope for moderates If embracing a Jon Stewart rally is the best moderates can do, we're in trouble. 4) A wave that's already crested Obama still faces a big wave on Nov. 2, but the Tea Party tsunami that's helped candidates like Christine O'Donnell has crested. 5) 'Daily Show' kicks off visit