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The Washington Post | Today's headlines: Al-Qaeda weaker without bin Laden, but remains persistent

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Al-Qaeda weaker without bin Laden, but remains persistent In the year since Osama bin Laden was killed, a picture emerges of a terrorism network that is crumpled at its core, yet poised to survive its founder’s demise. (By Greg Miller) After Arab Spring, Tunisia faces Muslim divide In the birthplace of the uprisings that have swept the Arab world, new freedoms have meant gains for Islamists. Their heightened power, in turn, has led to more intimate confrontations in which many Tunisian families struggle with essential questions of identity. (By Marc Fisher) Hollywood and Washington’s funny date night In the basement ballroom of the Washington Hilton, more than 2,000 politicians, celebrities, journalists and hangers-on gathered for the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner. The arrangements created a muddled tableau of elites from different industries, with Kate Hudson paired with Colin Powell and Kim Kardash

Obama’s evolution: Behind the failed debt talks: The Washington Post | Today's Headlines

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Obama’s evolution: Behind the failed debt talks The summer’s effort at a “grand bargain” on the debt, described by White House officials as the most intense and consequential of Obama’s presidency, not only illuminated pitfalls in the road he had taken during the previous three years but also directed him down a different, harder-edged, more overtly partisan path that is now defining his reelection campaign. (By Peter Wallsten, Lori Montgomery and Scott Wilson) A soldier under emotional, financial strain Exactly what caused Staff Sgt. Robert Bales to apparently kill 16 Afghan civilians may never be known with certainty. (By Joby Warrick, Carol Morello and Krissah Thompson) The GOP’s stark divide Rick Santorum needs to defeat Mitt Romney in a state like Illinois to break the boundaries and go even farther in the Republican race. (By Dan Balz) In Israel, prospect of war with Iran raises questions about defense A strike on Iran

The Washington Post | Today's Headlines: GOP leaders sharpen case for reelection

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS GOP leaders sharpen case for reelection As the presidential nomination fight promises to stretch into the spring, party leaders are making moves to protect their own reelection prospects in the fall. (By Paul Kane and Rosalind S. Helderman) Santorum wins Kansas caucuses, Romney wins Wyoming Former senator Rick Santorum cruised to victory in the Kansas caucuses, indicating the bruising fight for the GOP presidential nomination will continue. (By Felicia Sonmez and Brady Dennis) Thomas Boswell: A trade that won’t be forgotten OPINION | Redskins roll the dice and bet their future on Robert Griffin III. (By Thomas Boswell) A year after Japan’s triple disaster, an uncertain recovery Even after months of cleanup, reconstruction depends on whether people stay or go. (By Chico Harlan) As eco-terrorism wanes, governments still on watch Officials at the federal, state and local level continue to target groups they have la

The Washington Post | Today's Headlines:Mitt Romney wins in Nevada - Updated

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Mitt Romney wins in Nevada Win provides added momentum heading to Tuesday’s caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota. (By Dan Balz) Russia and China veto U.N. resolution condemning violent Syria crackdown Vote undercuts U.S., European efforts to rally behind Arab League plan requiring Assad to step down. (By Colum Lynch and Alice Fordham) Occupy D.C. camp raided by police U.S. Park Police in riot gear and on horseback entered McPherson Square in northwest D.C. before sunrise on Saturday to enforce no-camping regulations at the encampment. (By Annie Gowen) Komen aims to restore credibility Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the nation’s leading breast cancer advocacy group, has gone into full damage-control mode. (By Lena H. Sun and Sarah Kliff) Afghan history, without the wars Education officials, anxious not to inflame tensions, have left the past four decades out of textbooks. (By Kevin Sieff) NATION Komen aims to restore cred

The Washington Post Today's Headlines Hurricane Irene Update

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Hurricane Irene churns up East Coast; Va. boy, Md. woman killed As the storm’s fiercest portion rolls through the Washington area, the howling hurricane has killed at least eight. (By Steve Hendrix, Fredrick Kunkle and T. Rees Shapiro) Hurricane Irene dispatches: The storm moves over D.C. As Irene batters the East Coast, read eyewitness accounts from Post reporters on the scene. (By Lauren Abdel-Razzaq) U.S. officials: Al-Qaeda's second-ranking leader has been killed in Pakistan In another blow to the terrorist group, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman has been killed in Pakistan. (By Greg Miller and Julie Tate) Prince George’s deputies surprise suspect from long ago In the early 1970s, Glenn Wilson Jr. skipped a court appearance in a burglary case. And for decades nothing happened. But early one morning this month, Prince George’s sheriff’s deputies showed up with a warrant for Wilson, now 61, part of a backlog of about 50,000 war