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The Washington Post | The Switch - January 11, 2017: These Cellphones Carriers are About to Make Life Harder for Grandfathered Unlimited-Data Users The nation's biggest wireless carriers are making it a bit harder to keep your grandfathered unlimited data plan.

The Washington Post | The Switch - April 28, 2016: Comcast is Buying Dreamworks in a $3.8 Billion, by Bryan Fung.

Image By Brian Fung (Reuters)   Comcast, the country's biggest cable provider, is buying DreamWorks Animation, the studio behind hit movies such as "Shrek" and "Kung Fu Panda," in a $3.8 billion deal that reinforces Comcast's position as a media and entertainment powerhouse. The deal will see Comcast's NBCUniversal paying $41 per share of DreamWorks. The combined company would control vast franchises from DreamWorks including "Madagascar" and "How to Train Your Dragon," as well as more classic properties such as "Where's Waldo?" NBCUniversal, meanwhile, has produced some of the most successful movies over the past few years, including the "Fast and Furious" franchise, "Minions," and "Jurassic World" — a string of hits rivaled only by Disney, which owns Pixar. The marriage between NBCU and DreamWorks has already been approved by the boards of both

The Washington Post | The Switch on January 23, 2015: Did Congress, the media and the FCC all misunderstand what Verizon said on net neutrality? Verizon thinks.

Today's technology and tech policy news   •   Fri., Jan. 23, 2015 Did Congress, the media and the FCC all misunderstand what Verizon said on net neutrality? Verizon thinks so. In December, Verizon chief financial officer Fran Shammo told a group of investors that if regulators adopted aggressive open Internet rules, they wouldn't stop the company from upgrading its network to provide faster, better service.   Read full article » What Eric Schmidt meant when he said ‘the Internet will disappear’ Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is making a lot of headlines  Friday  over a comment he made at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland."The Internet will disappear," Schmidt said during a panel discussion when asked for a prediction on the future of the Web.   Read full article » Shadowmatic: Try your eye at shadow puppets ShadowmaticTry your eye at shadow puppetsThis game requires you to look at things a little differently. Shadowmatic, as the tit