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The Washington Post: Today's Highlights: In Europe, one false move could set off global chain . May 24th., 2010

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS In Europe, one false move could set off global chain If the trouble starts -- and it remains an "if" -- the trigger may well be obscure to the concerns of most Americans: a missed budget projection by the Spanish government, the failure of Greece to hit a deficit-reduction target, a drop in Ireland's economic output. (By Howard Schneider and Neil Irwin, The Washington Post) For many Pakistanis, U.S. losing its appeal Constant scrutiny fuels discomfort, makes other places more attractive (By Tara Bahrampour and Pamela Constable, The Washington Post) AOL switches tracks: Creating content, cheaply AT 25, ACTING LIKE A START-UP Search data driving the information (By Michael S. Rosenwald, The Washington Post) Oil spill threatens to stain alliances Environmental nonprofits face potential backlash as supporters learn of ties to BP (By Joe Stephens, The Washington Post) Religious activists worry that Democ

The Washington Post: Oil spill worsens; Greece gets bailed out; Sheila Bair vs. Blanche Lincoln.- Ezra KLein's Wonkbook. May 3rd, 2010

Oil spill worsens; Greece gets bailed out; Sheila Bair vs. Blanche Lincoln Morning, wonks. And welcome to the first edition of Wonkbook! Let's get started. The Agenda. House: Not much going on. The body will meet, but isn't planning on getting anything done. They will, however, be announcing a Tuesday forum bringing together House leadership and outside economic experts to talk jobs, financial regulation, long-term growth, and all that good stuff. Senate: Convenes at 2 p.m. to continue working on financial regulation. White House: President is watching the Gulf Coast, the developments with the attempted car bomb in New York, and the progress of financial regulation. He'll also be hosting a dinner for the Business Council , which bills itself as "an association of the Chief Executive Officers of the world's most important business enterprises." A quick glance at the executive committee turns up the CEOs of Caterpillar, Aetna, JP Morgan

The Washington Post: Today's Headlines. Americans in an anti- incumbent mood. April 28th, 2010

TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Americans in an anti-incumbent mood Members of Congress face the most anti-incumbent electorate since 1994, with less than a third of all voters saying they are inclined to support their representatives in November, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. (By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen, The Washington Post) Goldman Sachs officials defend mortgage deals HEARING LASTS 11 HOURS Senators question ethics of actions before crisis (By Zachary A. Goldfarb, The Washington Post) Greek debt downgraded to junk Europe's crisis deepens; Dow falls 2% amid a global sell-off (By Peter Whoriskey and Dina ElBoghdady, The Washington Post) A brewery's recipe for survival (By Nicolas Brulliard, The Washington Post) Britons bet furiously on their political horse race (By Karla Adam, The Washington Post) More Today's Highlights POLITICS Wall Street's Mr. Fabu-less Fabulous Fab was having another less-than-f

The Washington Post: Today's Headlines Afternoon Edition, April 16th, 2010

1) White House slams CBS on blog post about Kagan's sexuality The White House ripped CBS News on Thursday for publishing an online column by a blogger who made assertions about the sexual orientation of Solicitor General Elena Kagan, widely viewed as a leading candidate for the Supreme Court. 2) SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of civil fraud The Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges Friday against Goldman Sachs, one of the most successful but vilified banks on Wall Street, for allegedly selling investors a financial product based on subprime mortgages that was secretly designed to lose value. 3) Carolyn Hax Live: Advice columnist tackles your problems Carolyn Hax takes your questions and comments about her columns and any other questions you might have about the strange train we call life. 4) Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex couples President Obama mandated Thursday that nearly all hospitals extend visitation rights to the partners