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Bloomberg | The New Economy:

 Source: $100 Oil Threatens a Double Blow to the Global Economy Enda Curran, Rich Miller 5-7 minutes Hello. Today we look at the risks posed by $100 oil, the upcoming Group of 20 meeting and new research on the tightness of the U.S. labor market. Double Blow Oil’s surge toward $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014 is threatening to deal a double-blow to the world economy by further denting growth prospects and driving up inflation. That’s a worrying combination for the U.S. Federal Reserve and fellow central banks as they seek to contain the strongest price pressures in decades without derailing recoveries from the pandemic. Road to $100? Worry over oil's further rise is fueling inflation and recovery fears Source: Nymex, ICE, Bloomberg While ene

Bloomberg | The New Economy Daily on Friday, February 11, 2022:

Source: Bloomberg Has the Time Come for a Supersized Fed Shift? Crazy Times Thursday was a day of rapid fire headlines for investors to absorb. First up was the news that U.S. inflation soared by 7.5% in January, the fastest pace in four decades, swifter than expected and increasingly broad-based. Then, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard told Bloomberg  he supports raising interest rates by a full percentage point by the start of July — including the first half-point hike since 2000. Friday dawns with markets now pricing in seven rate hikes in 2022, which means a shift at every policy meeting this year.  Goldman Sachs economists told clients they shared that view, while peers at Deutsche Bank joined the small yet growing band who predict a half-point salvo in March. There’s also some speculation things are so bad that policy makers will shift before their March 15-16 session, a rare inter-meeting action. In the wake of Bullard’s comments, money mar

The New Economy: Lie Flat Meets the Great Resignation

Source: Tom Hancock 5-7 minutes You're reading the New Economy Daily newsletter. Hello. Today we look at the Lie Flat phenomenon, labor shortages in the U.K. and the changing workweek in the United Arab Emirates.  Dropping Out Around the world, millions of people are rethinking how they work and live and how to better balance the two, prompted in part by the pandemic. Data: World Values Survey 2000-2004 data not available for Germany The Great Resignation has U.S. workers quitting their jobs in record numbers—more than 24 million did so from April to September this year—and many are staying out of the labor force. Germany, Japan and other wealthy nations are seeing shades of the same trend. And so too is China.