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Volkswagen: A History of Boardroom Clashes and Controversy: The Guardian - Selected Articles - September 23, 2015.

Image Volkswagen: a history of boardroom clashes and controversy Graham Ruddick   V olkswagen could easily have ended up a British company. After the second world war, the British army, led by Maj Ivan Hirst, decided to try to salvage the carmaker’s factory in Wolfsburg rather than destroy it. They instructed VW to construct 20,000 cars to help the army travel around the British occupation zone, of which Wolfsburg was part. The factory was then offered to Britain as war reparations. However, a delegation led by Sir William Rootes – later Lord Rootes and head of the carmaker Rootes – decided that VW was not worth the money. He is purported to have said that the Beetle was “too ugly and too noisy”.

The Auto Complete Questions | What if I fail? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Tom Hodgkinson: The Guardian - Selected Articles

Image What if I fail? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Tom Hodgkinson Tom Hodgkinson   We are all failures. Every one of us. That’s not always how it looks, of course. Other people seem so successful. Their own PR machines paint a positive picture. They are perpetually “excited” on Twitter about their new project. Their photos on Facebook show them looking happy and smiley. Seen from the outside, our friends always seem to be earning more money than us. They have bigger houses and go on sunnier holidays. And we are surrounded by images of wealth. All I see when I walk the streets of London are fleets of black jeep-like cars everywhere, which has the effect of making me feel like a failure because I am skint. Aristotle felt we needed to make space for quiet study. Photograph: Hulton Getty Add to that the sense that my contemporaries all seem to be writing best-selling novels or acting in Hollywood films or making tons of m