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German economy slows as weak trade bites - business live | Business

Image German economy slows as weak trade bites - business live | Business Graeme Wearden 12m ago 07:34 German growth slows as trade weakens Newsflash: Germany has suffered a growth slowdown after being hit by weak trade. The eurozone’s largest economy expanded by just 0.3% in the first three months of this year, official figures show. That’s a sharp slowdown compared to Germany’s 0.6% in the final quarter of 2017. It is also below the 0.4% which economists had expected. The Federal Statistics Office says: The German economy continued to grow at the beginning of the year, though at a slower pace. The slowdown was triggered by “less dynamic” foreign trade , as “both exports and imports decreased compared with the previous quarter”. Government spending also fell, for the firs time in five years, dragging growth back. But capital investment did rise during the quarte

The Guardian | Business: Banking Royal Commission on April 26, 2018. Banking royal commission: Association of Financial Advisers chief quizzed – live | Australia news Gareth Hutchens Orr takes Kewin through another example and a review committee report, and says it seems the board was being asked to make a decision about disciplinary sanctions based on what would make the least reputational risk to the AFA. Kewin doesn’t believe so. Orr: “The important thing was to terminate the members, to expel them, wasn’t it?” Kewin: “In both cases, I believe the essence was also to follow due process.” Orr: “If an Asic banning order isn’t enough what does it take to get expelled from the AFA?” Kewin says there was an appeal pending, and rather than undertaking an additional investigation, “if you suspended the member they’re no longer an active member”. Updated at 3.25am BST 11m ago 03:17 An AFA member was banned for five years by Asic in 2017

The Guardian | Business: Pay is falling behind productivity – with Brexit-voting areas worst off on March 26,2018.

Image Pay is falling behind productivity – with Brexit-voting areas worst off | Business Richard Partington The British economy risks splitting further along lines drawn by the Brexit vote, according to a report warning pay rises in some parts of the country have failed to match increases in worker productivity. According to the thinktank Localis , there has been a breakdown in the relationship between rising levels of worker productivity – a key measure of economic output per hour of work – and increases in pay and feelings of self-worth among employees. Leave-voting areas appear to have been short-changed the most, while remain strongholds have tended to fare much better. Some areas, including Lancashire, Cumbria and the south east midlands, have seen falling rates of pay and worker satisfaction over the last five years, despite rising levels of economic output. Other areas, such as parts of London and O

Theresa May Defends Public Sector Pay Cap Under Pressure From Labour - July 5, 2017: The Guardian | Business

UK unemployment rate hits seven-year low of 5.4% - live: The Guardian | Business

Image UK unemployment rate hits seven-year low of 5.4% - live Julia Kollewe Exclusive: 3 ex-City Link directors face criminal charges Guardian exclusive: Three former directors of City Link face criminal charges over the firm’s collapse last Christmas, which led to the loss of 3,000 jobs. David Smith, the former managing director, the former finance director Robert Peto, and their colleague Thomas Wright, have been charged with failing to notify the business secretary of plans to make staff redundant at the firm and will go on trial in November.