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Labor's Attack on Turnbull's Cayman Islands Investments Is All about Image: The Guardian | Australian Politics - October 14, 2015. Labor's attack on Turnbull's Cayman Islands investments is all about image Lenore Taylor   L abor knows Malcolm Turnbull is very unlikely to have avoided Australian tax on his considerable investments . Having waited so long to win the prime ministership he would surely have guaranteed he didn’t come unstuck because of something as obvious as that. But proving tax avoidance is almost certainly not the point. Related: Labor attacks Malcolm Turnbull for investments registered in Cayman Islands Labor’s aim is to paint the new prime minister as not “one of us”, someone who thinks he’s better, someone who’s out of touch. Not to attack him directly for being rich, of course – Australians quite like someone who’s made their own pile – but to attack him for not seeing the world in the way a person with an ordinary bank account and an ATM card does.

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Australian politics Thursday 10 Sep 2015 g Latest More » Ministers confirm Australia will be involved in military action in Syria for years – politics live With the prime minister in Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Islands Forum, the foreign and defence ministers signal Australia will be engaged militarily in Iraq and Syria for years. All the developments from Canberra, live Abbott praised for Syrian refugee intake amid calls to spel

The Guardian | Australian Politics : Tony Abbott says decision on joining air strikes in Syria will be made 'next week'...| Steve Bell on David Cameron and the migration crisis – cartoon | Abortion clinic exclusion zone will protect women, says Sex party’s Fiona Patten – video

Australian politics Thursday 03 Sep 2015 g Latest More » Tony Abbott says decision on joining air strikes in Syria will be made 'next week' Retired US general David Petraeus says in Lowy lecture that Australia ‘should consider’ the move, which would ‘damage’ the militant group Isis Mathias Cormann 'very optimistic' despite figures showing growth has stalled National accounts show economy gre

Peter Dutton says Fairfax 'trying to bring the government down'... | The question doctors fear most: 'Do you believe in God?' | Peter Dutton must take full responsibility for border force ‘debacle’, Labor says – video: Ranjana Srivastava: The Guardian | Australian Politics - August 31, 2015:

Australian politics Tuesday 01 Sep 2015 g Latest More » Peter Dutton says Fairfax 'trying to bring the government down' Immigration minister says some reporters have ‘morphed into frustrated politicians’ and the news organisation was being ‘helped by the ABC’ Naomi Klein tells Q&A: Australians should rise up in protest over Nauru detainees Treatment of those held is ‘tantamount to torture … I find that more shocking than they fact they were going to check papers on the streets of Melbourne’

The Guardian | Australian Politics: Cambodia deal in tatters after only four Nauru refugees resettled at cost of $13m each...| Time to embrace the horrors of your Spotify playlist data | Protest in Melbourne forces Australian Border Force to cancel visa crackdown – video

Australian politics Monday 31 Aug 2015 g Latest More » Cambodia deal in tatters after only four Nauru refugees resettled at cost of $13m each Labor calls Australia’s $55m resettlement deal an ‘expensive joke’ after Cambodia says it has ‘no plans’ to take more Nauru refugees Tony Abbott says trade union inquiry will continue with or without Heydon Unions insist inquiry should be closed regardless of whether

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Australian politics Wednesday 05 Aug 2015 g Latest More » Why raising the Medicare levy is much fairer than hiking GST It’s much easier to implement, but above all a flat increase in the charge is the most progressive way to provide a much-needed boost to federal revenues Innocent Australians risk getting caught up in laws to strip citizenship – expert Constitutional lawyer George Williams says the bill aim