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 Source: January 24TH 2022     The Economist this week A special edition of our daily newsletter In a special Christmas essay , my colleague Arkady Ostrovsky explained why Russia never came to terms with its separation from Ukraine at the end of the cold war. Now Russia has gathered over 100,000 troops on its western border and in Belarus, with more troops streaming in from the far east

The Economist This Week: Xi Jinping’s assault on tech will change China’s trajectory -

  Source: Aug 12th 2021 6-8 minutes O F ALL CHINA’S achievements in the past two decades, one of the most impressive is the rise of its technology industry. Alibaba hosts twice as much e-commerce activity as Amazon does. Tencent runs the world’s most popular super-app, with 1.2bn users. China’s tech revolution has also helped transform its long-run economic prospects at home, by allowing it to leap beyond manufacturing into new fields such as digital health care and artificial intelligence ( AI ). As well as propelling China’s prosperity, a dazzling tech industry could also be the foundation for a challenge to American supremacy. Listen to this story Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android . That is why President Xi Jinping’s assault on his country’s $4trn tech industry is so startling. There have been over 50 regulatory actions against scores of firms for a dizzying

The Economist This Week : Highlights From The Latest Issue.

July 15TH 2021 The Economist this week Highlights from the latest issue Our cover this week is about President Joe Biden’s China doctrine . Between them, Mr Biden and Donald Trump have engineered the most dramatic break in American foreign policy in the five decades since Richard Nixon went to China. Optimists long hoped that welcoming China into the global economy would make it a “responsible stakeholder”, and perhaps bring about political reform. Today Mr Biden foresees a struggle that pits America against China—a struggle that he says can have only one winner. The administration believes that America must blunt China’s ambitions, by building up its strength at home and working with allies abroad. Much about Mr Biden’s new doctrine makes sense, but the