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Sep 30, 2013

The Economist | New Selected Articles September 30, 2013: Clmate change, Esperanto and apocalypse.

Monday September 30th 2013
Editor's picks
A selection of new stories from
Free exchange: Get a life
The Economist explains: Who converts to Islam?

Climate change: it's still our fault
The UN's climate-change panel pins the blame on man
Free exchange:
Get a life
If you're more productive, you get to work less
Simple, logical and doomed
Why Esperanto will never quite become the international language of choice
Free exchange:
Who converts to Islam?
Samantha Lewthwaite, a British convert to Islam, is wanted by Interpol over an alleged bomb-plot. How many people convert to Islam, and why?
The politics of apocalypse

Talk of the end times (recently toned down in Iran) often surfaces in bewildering moments

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Sep 14, 2012

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Indian economic reforms, Nigerian sport and American placenames

Banyan: A welcome boldness
India's leading politicians, such as Sonia Gandhi, must now speak out in favour of new reforms
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Video: Turning a corner?
Following the German constitutional court's ESM ruling and the results of the Dutch general election, our correspondents assess whether the balance has shifted in the battle to save the euro
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Feast and famine: Now the hard part
As life expectancy rises, developing countries now face a new problem: how to care for their citizens through middle and old age
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Videographic: America's presidential race
Barack Obama got a bounce from his party convention. Mitt Romney didn't. But now the hard work really begins. The candidates have eight weeks to sell their messages to the public
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Buttonwood's notebook: Friends in low places
What are the consequences of low interest rates for the foreseeable future?
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Baobab: A dismal record
Nigerian sporting honour was saved only by their plucky Paralympians
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Johnson: Shibboleth, USA
The many confusing American placenames
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Gulliver: Airbus's vision for "smarter skies"
The aircraft-maker launches the next stage of its vision for aviation in 2050
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Upcoming debate: Home-ownership
Should home-ownership be discouraged?
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Aug 22, 2012

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Banyan: Digging deeper into the pit

Banyan: Digging deeper into the pit
A report on the murky distribution of coal fields puts the government in a bind
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Schumpeter: From pipsqueak to powerhouse
Apple becomes the most valuable public company in history
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Newsbook: Spilling over
Syria's crisis is spilling over into neighbouring Lebanon
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Democracy in America: Partisans on the couch
Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt on conservative and liberal morality
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Babbage: The podcast
In this week's programme our correspondents discuss interplanetary networking, gas-guzzling paint and new approaches to web publishing and social media
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Daily chart: Wordy goods
Americans are exchanging ever more words
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Online debate: Arts funding
Should governments fund the arts?
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Aug 6, 2012

The Economist | Selected New Articles: Probing Mars

Babbage: Remembrance of probes past
A successful Martian landing deviates from the dismal history of man's attempts to conquer the Red Planet
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Schumpeter: A new dawn for Knight
Knight Capital will recover, but the risks remain
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Banyan: Nuclearphobia
The post-Fukushima fear of radiation may be more dangerous for Japan than the radiation itself
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Babbage: Difference engine
Every innovative design has ancestors as well as descendants
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Eastern approaches: Walking the tightrope
Victor Yanukovych is aiming for the minimum level of media freedom needed to keep international institutions quiet
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Daily chart: The generation games
Ages of the youngest and oldest Olympic competitors
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Upcoming debate: Jewish fundamentalism
Do ultra-Orthodoxy and ultra-nationalism go with democracy and peace?
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Jul 11, 2012

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Floods in Russia, hedge funds underwater and a strange library

Eastern approaches: Fatal floods
Floods in Russia kill 170. The response to them reveals interesting things about Vladimir Putin's Russia
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Buttonwood: Mastered by the universe
It is turning into another difficult year for hedge funds
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Babbage: Biblio-tech
Take a tour of the library that stores strange materials, from aluminium foam to translucent concrete
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Democracy in America: America and Spain
How do you say "libertad económica" in English?
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Game theory: Skidding around
Why Formula One racing has not caught on in America
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Daily chart: Rich and infamous
Which countries think that the rich deserve their fortune?
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Online debate: Euro debt
Are joint bonds a salve or a free ride for the euro zone's debt ridden?
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Jun 1, 2012

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Jobs, Mexico and death

Free exchange: Third time unlucky
Just as in past years, America's economy in a summer swoon
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Banyan: How to hop out of a cauldron
Pakistan must realise that its terror networks are a liability
not an asset
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Americas view: A handbrake-turn to the left
in the polls

The PRD moves into second place
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Baobab: All locked up
Charles Taylor, Liberia's former president, is sent to jail
for 50 years

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Schumpeter: From Russia, unloved
The troubled super-major says it will sell up its prime
Russian asset

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Democracy in America: The path to decriminalisation
Will drugs go the way of gay marriage?
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Babbage: To and from the grid
Net metering is the best thing to happen to solar power
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Graphic detail: Death
Where are you most likely to die from disease?
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Online debate: Mexican elections
Can any political alternative, from right or left, derail the campaign of the PRI?
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May 15, 2012

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Fighting in Brussels and a passion play in Louisiana State Penitentiary

Charlemagne's notebook: Groping towards Grexit
The euro zone's leaders fall out over the prospect of Greece's exit from the euro
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Democracy in America: The informed majority
When given information about the defence budget, most people want to see it cut
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Newsbook: Millennium bugs
Evidence that the millennium villages project is making a decisive impact is elusive
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Prospero: Forgiveness and redemption
A uniquely powerful staging of "The Life of Jesus Christ" at Louisiana State Penitentiary
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Daily chart: The German motor
The euro area is ever-more reliant on Germany
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Oct 21, 2011

The Economist | New Selected articles: Newsbook / Charlemagne / Americas View and ... More

The Economist  New on The Economist online

A selection of new stories from The Economist
» Newsbook: The end of ETA?
» Charlemagne: Death of a summit
» Americas view: As clear as MUD
» Babbage: Difference Engine
» Babbage: printf("goodbye, Dennis");
» Daily chart: Women in Egypt
» Online debate: Israel and Palestine
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Newsbook: The end of ETA?
The end of ETA?
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Charlemagne: Death of a summit
France and Germany still disagree over how to resolve the debt crisis
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Americas view: As clear as MUD
An opposition presidential candidate remains barred from taking office
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Babbage: Difference Engine
The UltraViolet coalition wants to manage all the videos you watch
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Babbage: printf("goodbye, Dennis");
Saluting Dennis Ritchie, a father of modern computing
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Daily chart: Women in Egypt
A videographic explores whether the lot of Egypt's women will improve after the country's revolution
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Online debate: Israel and Palestine
Is the peace process broken?
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Oct 12, 2011

The Economist | New Selected Articles: Democracy in America / Babbage / Buttonwood ... and More

The Economist New on The Economist online

Democracy in America: The front-runner Republicans hate
Mitt Romney is in an exceptionally strange position in the Republican Party
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Babbage: Mortamins?
Two papers take aim at the supposed benefits of dietary supplements
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Newsbook: An accident waiting to happen
Having lost a routine budget vote, Italy's beleaguered government faces a no-confidence vote
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Buttonwood: Give us the money
A more direct way to stimulate flagging economies
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Schumpeter: Another burning platform
Research in Motion can ill afford two days of service interruptions
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Baobab: Don't ask, don't tell
What not to ask when covering an election in Liberia
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  Online debate: Wilderness
How do we value nature?
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