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The Economist | Selected new Articles: Banyan / Eastern Approches / Prospero / Newsbook ... and .. More

Banyan: Farewell, earthlings Where Kim Jong Il's death leaves Asia read more » Eastern approaches: Václav Havel, playwright and president A correspondent remembers one of the 20th century's greatest read more » Prospero: Crying freedom Remembering Christopher Hitchens read more » Newsbook: Growing steadily less peaceful Defections from the army increase in Syria read more » Eastern approaches: Turning away The imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko is destroying Ukraine's chances of integration with Europe read more » Daily chart: Trading places Emerging economies will import more than the rich world in 2012 read more »

The Economist | Selected New Articles: America's Jobless Recovery | Mukesh Ambani | Difference Engine | Internet Security...and more

America's jobless recovery: Not again Mukesh Ambani: India's richest man speaks to the faithful Video: Thaksin Shinawatra on Thai politics Difference Engine: Even in America, four-cylinder cars now rule the road Internet insecurity: Once more unto the breach Daily chart: Women expecting less Online debate: Do too many banks make a financial system unstable?