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The Barron's Daily: Lion Retired Early, What That Means for Intrest Rates?

 Source: The Barrons 10-12 minutes One of the big questions for policy makers and traders alike is whether the people who have left the workforce will, at some later point, jump back in. It’s hugely important because, if these workers are just taking a temporary break while waiting for health conditions to improve, then the job market has more slack than the official unemployment rate would suggest. For the Federal Reserve, so-called hidden slack would be a reason to keep policy easier than it otherwise would, given the inflation battle it’s simultaneously facing. New research from the St. Louis Fed puts a dent in the hidden slack argument. It argues that more than 3 million Americans retired early , out of the 5.25 million who left the labor force from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. What the research couldn’t discover is whether these early retirees left for health reasons—their vulnerability to infection and death from Covid-19—or

News | The Barron's Daily: Elon Musk and Co Can’t Fix All Bitcoin’s Problems.

  July 22, 2021