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WSJ: The 10-POINT Today's guide to the WSJ

Today's guide to the WSJ Good Morning . In today’s edition, President Trump makes his case for a border wall, the planned American withdrawal from Syria becomes more complicated, cancer deaths in the U.S. decline, and more.   1. President Trump argues for a border wall. In a televised prime-time address  Tuesday, the president said a barrier along the southern border is necessary for national security, calling for lawmakers to fund it and end the partial government shutdown. Democratic congressional leaders responded, rejecting a wall as unnecessary  and accusing Mr. Trump of stoking fear to gain support for his cause.   Republicans and Democrats have different views on the extent of the problem associated with undocumented immigrants and how to address the issue. Mr. Trump says it is a significant contributor to crime and a big cost to the government. Dem

The 10-Point: A Guide to the Day's Top News

Today's guide to the WSJ Good Morning . Before we get to today’s news, please remember to check out our latest professional news offering: WSJ Pro Artificial Intelligence. The daily newsletter debuts this morning and is full of insights to help corporate decision makers understand the challenges and opportunities associated with deploying AI. The WSJ Pro AI team will assess the impact of AI at every level of business, from leadership and management of the company, to the way it is organized and goes to market . Visit the website to sign up for free access.  —Matt Murray, editor in chief In today’s edition, U.S.-China trade talks unfold, Carlos Ghosn denies wrongdoing, President Trump tries to blunt the shutdown’s impact, and more.   1. The U.S. and China started trade talks Monday. Officials from Washington are pressing their Beijing counterparts to devise ways to guarantee Chi