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Blommberg Tech: In Tech's Talent Wars, Remote Work Is the Hottest Office Perk.

  Source: Sarah Frier 5-6 minutes Hey all, it’s Sarah Frier. The next tech talent wars may be less about the free stuff, and more about the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Those famously expensive Silicon Valley campuses that double as adult playgrounds, with their nap pods and herb gardens and bike-shares, are competing with a newfound love for the home office. Just ask the Google employees irked when a senior engineer was granted the privilege of setting up shop in New Zealand. His lower-level colleagues are waiting anxiously to hear whether their pandemic living situations are approved, or whether they have to race back to Mountain View, California, my colleague Mark Bergen wrote. Apple employees also want to spend less time in their spaceship-esque headquarters, they said in a letter  to Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. Even

News | Business | Tech: AppLovin Corp. Faces Critics By Analysts.

Image AppLovin Faces Analyst Coverage as Year’s Weakest Mega IPO Katrina Lewis, Ryan Vlastelica 3-4 minutes AppLovin Corp. shares have shown few signs of life since its Wall Street debut on April 15, and now analysts get to weigh in. The mobile-apps company is worst performing IPO of its size, and just one of two U.S. listings that raised at least $2 billion this year to now be trading below its offering price, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The stock has dropped 29% since its trading debut and stands at about $57, well below its offering price of $80. Now, AppLovin is set to receive a wave of initiations from analysts at underwriting banks as mobile-game makers face a “double whammy” of changes to Apple Inc. ’s operating system and difficult year-ago comparisons after the pandemic fueled a surge in industry growth, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

News | Business | Tech: Google Sues by Daily Mail Owner Over Search Results.

Image Daily Mail owner sues Google over search results BBC News 3 minutes image copyrightGetty Images The owner of the Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline website is suing Google over allegations the search engine manipulates search results. Associated Newspapers accuses Google of having too much control over online advertising and of downgrading links to its stories, favouring other outlets. It alleges Google "punishes" publishers in its rankings if they don't sell enough advertising space in its marketplace. Google called the claims "meritless". Associated Newspapers' concerns stem from its assessment that its coverage of the Royal Family in 2021 has been downplayed in search results. For example, it claims that British users searching for broadcaster Piers Morgan's comments on the Duchess of Sussex following an interview with Oprah Winfrey were more likely to see

News | Tech: Digital Art Auctions Driven by NFT Blockchain.

Image NFT blockchain drives surge in digital art auctions BBC News 3 minutes image copyrightGetty Images Musician Grimes has sold several pieces of digital artwork at auction, raising a total of $6m - and their new "owners" do not own the work itself, meaning it can still be seen and shared online. Grimes is one of several artists using NFT (non-fungible token) technology to sell art. But the art in question does not have a physical presence the same way a painting or sculpture does. Instead, the token represents ownership - but not the work itself. The token is recorded on a digital ledger, and can be re-sold. The artwork can go up or down in value, but the owner of the token never possesses the original digital file. Authenticity The NFT is perhaps best described as a sort of digital certificate of authenticity, and for some it's become a desirable collectible. Last month an NFT of t

News | England | Tech: New Car Battery Plant for England-Coventry Airport

Image Electric car battery plant plan for Coventry Airport BBC News 3 minutes image copyrightCoventry City Council image captionAn outline planning application for the gigafactory could be submitted later this year Coventry Airport could be the site for a 'gigafactory' - a plant to manufacture electric car batteries. Securing the factory could create thousands of jobs and attract up to £2bn of investment to the region, the city council said. The site has been endorsed by West Midlands Combined Authority and, if plans are successful, could be operational by 2025. The car manufacturer has sites at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, Solihull and Whitley in Coventry as well as Halewood in Merseyside. Also nearby is BMW with a large engine plant at Hams Hall, near Coleshill in north Warwickshire, producing more than 350,000 power units a year for models like the Mini. Aston Martin Lagonda has its headqu

News | Business | Tech: Facebook and Twitter grilled over US election actions.

  Leo Kelion 10-12 minutes - Source: BBC image copyrightGetty Images/Twitter Facebook and Twitter's chief executives have been challenged over their handling of the US election in their latest appearance before the US Senate. Democrats questioned whether steps taken to flag that President Trump's claims of election fraud were "disputed" had gone far enough. Republican members of the Judiciary Committee asked whether the tech firms should be taking such action at all. This was the second time the CEOs had been cross-examined in three weeks. They were previously questioned by the Senate Commerce Committee last month in what was a more rowdy event . Once again, the issue of a law known as Section 230 loomed large. It says the platforms are generally not responsible for illegal or offensive things users post on them. President-elect Biden has suggested the regulation should be "revoked" since it encourages the spread of falsehoods, and several

News | Business | Tech: Huawei hopes Biden presidency brings a 'reset' to relations, says tech officer

  Sumathi Bala 3-4 minutes - Source: CNBC Huawei hopes to “reset” relations with the United States under Joe Biden’s presidential administration, according to a senior executive at the telecom equipment and mobile phone giant.  Paul Scanlan, chief technology officer at Huawei Carrier Business Group, told CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal that when there “is a change in government, there is always the opportunity to reset relationships. The unit of Huawei focuses on deploying 5G networks. The Trump administration announced sanctions against China’s Huawei in August that effectively cut off the company from some technology it got from the United States. The measures added to a slew of actions the U.S. has taken in the past 15 months against Huawei, which it has accused of being a national security risk. Huawei refutes that allegation. “Of, course under the previous administration, we had a lot of challenges,” Scanlan said in apparent

News | Business | Tech: Why is Apple breaking a 15-year partnership with Intel on its Macs?— here's why

  Kif Leswing 6-7 minutes - Source: CNBC Apple announced three new Mac computers on Tuesday: a MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and a Mac Mini . They essentially look the same as their predecessors. What’s new this time is the chip that runs them. Now they’re powered by Apple’s M1 chip instead of Intel processors. Tuesday’s announcement marks the end of a 15-year run where Intel processors powered Apple’s laptops and desktops, and a big shift for the semiconductor industry. Apple is the fourth-largest PC maker measured by shipments, according to a Gartner estimate , so its plan to use its own chips in its entire lineup of laptops and desktops, first announced in June, is a blow for Intel. “We believe Intel-powered PCs—like those based on 11th Gen Intel Core mobile processors—provide global customers the best experience in the areas they value most, as well as the most open platform for developers,” Intel said in a statement. App

News | Business | Tech: Xbox Series X: 'When gamers are ready for next-gen consoles, we're here'

Steffan Powell 6-7 minutes - Source: BBC image copyrightMicrosoft Seven years ago Xbox One was released, bringing titles like Halo 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Minecraft into around 60 million households worldwide. Now it's time to see what's next - as Xbox introduces its next generation of console worldwide today. "This will be an era where games feel tremendously better than before," Phil Spencer, the boss of gaming at Microsoft, tells Newsbeat. Phil says the real difference will be all about "speed and feel" with games being "much more responsive to players". The new console launches just ahead of Sony's PlayStation 5 which has a different vision for the future of games. 'If it's not time to buy a new console, that's fine' Phil's confident about the potential of both the Xbox Series X and its digital-only little brother the Xbox Series S but is acutely aware of the world into which these machines are being released

News | Business | Tech: Twitter and Facebook flag Trump message claiming opponents are trying to steal the election

  Megan Graham 2 minutes - Source: CNBC Twitter has appended a warning over a tweet of President Donald Trump’s claiming that the opposition is trying to steal the election. “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!” the president’s tweet reads. Twitter attached a label over the tweet, reading “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.” It offered a link to “learn more” about its civic integrity policy. President Trump also posted a tweet saying “I will be making a statement tonight. A big WIN!” which did not have a warning appended as of press time. NBC News has not yet projected the presidential election results. A Twitter spokeswoman, asked whether this was within its policies around declaring premature victory, said “It’s unclear what is being refe

News | Business | Companies | Tech: PayPal gets into crypto with new features for trading and shopping

  Ryan Browne 3-4 minutes - Source: CNBC The PayPal application on an Apple iPhone.  Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images LONDON — PayPal on Wednesday announced a new feature that will allow users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies, becoming the latest large financial services provider to show an interest in the space. The company said in a press release that its new cryptocurrency service would launch in the U.S. in the coming weeks and will initially feature bitcoin , ethereum , bitcoin cash and litecoin . By early 2021, the company also plans to let customers use crypto to shop with its network of 26 million retailers. Shares of PayPal climbed over 3% in early New York trading. Bitcoin’s price meanwhile rose almost 5% to trade at around $12,440, according to data from CoinDesk. “The shift to digital forms of currencies is inevitable, bringing with it clear advantages in terms of financial inclusion and access; efficie

News | Business | Tech Company: iPhone 12: Apple makes jump to 5G

 Leo Kelion 10-12 minutes - Source: BBC image copyrightApple Apple has confirmed its iPhone 12 handsets will be its first to work on faster 5G networks. The company has also extended the range to include a new "Mini" model that has a smaller 5.4in screen. The US firm bucked a wider industry downturn by increasing its handset sales over the past year. But some experts say the new features give Apple its best opportunity for growth since 2014, when it revamped its line-up with the iPhone 6. "5G will bring a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, more responsive gaming, real-time interactivity and so much more," said chief executive Tim Cook. There has also been a cosmetic refresh this time round, with the sides of the devices getting sharper, flatter edges. No charger The higher-end iPhone 12 Pro models also get bigger screens than before and a new sensor to help with low-light photography. imag