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South China Morning Post: CNPC to issue 20b yuan in bonds

HK Airlines postpones HK$5b IPO 2:11pm Hong Kong Airlines has decided to delay its IPO, originally scheduled for early this year, until the third quarter because of stock market volatility, the said on Monday. Mainland banks ratchet up lending 1:28pm China's banks raised lending in December on the back of stronger money supply, reinforcing hopes that the central bank is gently easing policy amid the economic slowdown. Beijing to expand yuan settlement 12:37pm China will further promote the use of yuan in cross-border trade and investment settlements while stepping up efforts to monitor yuan flows, the central bank said on Monday. CNPC to issue 20b yuan in bonds 11:51am China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) said on Monday it would sell 20 billion yuan (US$3.17 billion

Hang Seng sees best week in 11 months: South China Morning Post

BUSINESS ››   Hang Seng sees best week in 11 months 4:37pm Hong Kong shares fell 1.4 per cent on Friday as investors took money off the table, but still rose 4.5 per cent on the week, the biggest weekly gain since November last year. 4:49pm  Beijing formalises plan to allow yuan FDI 3:28pm  China inflation edges down in September 2:02pm  Fans flock to buy last Jobs-era iPhone

South China Morning Post

曾蔭權最後施政報告重點解決住屋問題 曾蔭權昨天在金鐘的新立法會大樓發表卸任前最後一份施政報告,題為《繼往開來》,當中承諾推出一系列長期政策,針對香港住屋等最急迫的社會問題。 病嬰香港獲資助 17個月大的河南病嬰李鎏軒急需100萬港元進行肝臟移植,本報昨天報道了李家的困境後,有30名讀者做出回應,其中一人更捐贈了大部分手術費。 蔡衍明申請亞視清盤 一直波折不斷的亞視近日又傳出新消息。亞視股東蔡衍明已向法院申請將亞視清盤。 Translation : Tsang, focus on resolving housing problems the last policy address, Mr Donald Tsang, in the Admiralty of the new Legislative Council building yesterday a policy address published last before leaving office, entitled the future of which promised to launch a series of long-term policies, against the Hong Kong Housing the most pressing social problems.    Ill Nino in Henan disease in Hong Kong approved 17-month-old infant Li Liuxuan need of HK $ 1 million of a liver transplant, this newspaper reported yesterday after Li's plight, with 30 readers respond, one of whom donated the bulk of the surgical fee. Application for CAI yanming ATV liquidation have been twists and turns continue ATV recently new news. CAI yanming ATV shareho