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Smartcompany News and Analysis: New tax break for small biz: How it works and why experts aren’t happy, Five gems from Buffett’s investor meeting, Funding Palmer’s big ideas.

The Federal Budget might still be one sleep away, but Treasurer Wayne Swan has delivered an early present by unveiling a new tax break that will allow companies with less than $2 million revenue to offset losses against profits made in previous years. Today we explain how the new tax breaks works, get the experts’ reaction and in Entrepreneur Watch , explain why some of the devil is in the detail. Elsewhere, we extract five pearls from Warren Buffett’s annual investor meeting, uncover the companies that will be paying the carbon tax (do you deal with any of them?) and look at how Clive Palmer has the time and money to fund his awfully big ideas. News Government unveils new loss carry-back tax break, but experts warn most small businesses not eligible ACCC warns construction industry on cartel behaviour How the new loss carry-back tax break works: A SmartCompany Q&A Further rate cuts to prop up business confidence, survey reveals Retailers look to B

Smartcompany News and Analysis: Meet the SMEs making Pinterest work, Two more food groups collapse, Five travel rorts to watch, Why McDonald’s Golden Arches are losing their shine

The Peter Slipper controversy shows no signs of fading, with more reports of his large travel expenses surfacing today. Slipper is denying all allegations, but to help you spot potential rorts in your business, we’ve got a handy guide to five of the most common fiddles. Elsewhere, we look at the collapse of two more food groups in what is fast becoming one of Australia’s worst-performing sectors, ask why the Golden Arches aren’t looking so golden and examine the retail sector’s continuing war to lower the GST threshold import. Plus in Entrepreneur Watch , James Thomson looks at why Australian biotech pioneer Biota is heading for the US. News Ford could stand down 1,800 employees following supply dispute GST review backs retailers in push for online sales tax San Marino smallgoods and Black Opal Licorice fold Peter Slipper furor over travel rort claims continue – here are five you should watch out for NSW to cut workers compensation in a move backe

A Nobel vision for innovation: Smartcompany News & Analysis.

Today on SmartCompany we’ve got all the details on Apple’s new iPhone 4S, including all the tech specs and news on which carriers will have it. Deputy editor Madeleine Heffernan reports from the Tax Forum, and explains why it hasn’t been a waste of time, while we also look at what the RBA will want to see before it decides to cut interest rates. Plus in Entrepreneur Watch , James Thomson explains why we should celebrate our new Nobel Prize winner. News Apple unveils iPhone 4S, set to launch in Australia on October 14 Australian carriers to launch iPhone 4S, but no talk on plans yet States give in-principle support for harmonisation of payroll and land taxes as Swan rules out GST changes In search of outcomes, outcomes, outcomes at the Tax Forum: Heffernan Vale Di Gribble: We've lost a friend and a publisher RBA opens the door to a rate cut – but what will we need to see before it happens? Retail sales higher than expected, shares surge: Midday ro