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Reuters UK - Top News Evening Edition: Weak lending highlights recovery struggle

LATEST NEWS Weak lending highlights recovery struggle LONDON (Reuters) - Approvals for home loans fell to an 8-month low in February, and banks expect to tighten lending in the next few months, Bank of England data showed, highlighting the tough path ahead for the recovery. | Full Article British greenhouse gas emissions down 7 percent in 2011 29 MAR 2012 15:29 BST LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's greenhouse gas emissions fell 7 percent in 2011, putting one of the European Union's biggest emitters further ahead of its internationally binding target under the Kyoto Protocol, provisional government data showed on Thursday. | Full Article BoE's Fisher urges banks to ready more collateral 29 MAR 2012 09:16 BST LONDON (Reuters) - Banks should continue to build up the amount of collateral they have pre-approved for use in the Bank of England's emergency liquidity scheme, the Bank's executive director for markets Paul Fisher

Reuters - Top News Evening Edition: Europe signs up to German-led fiscal pact

LATEST NEWS Europe signs up to German-led fiscal pact BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel cemented her political ascendancy in Europe Monday when 25 out of 27 EU states agreed to a German-inspired pact for stricter budget discipline, even as they struggled to rekindle growth from the ashes of austerity. | Full Article Record drop in consumer credit, money supply 31 JAN 2012 12:34 GMT LONDON (Reuters) - Credit card and other unsecured lending to British consumers posted its sharpest drop in nearly two decades in December, supporting expectations that the Bank of England will soon inject more cash into the economy to prevent a deep recession. | Full Article Euro zone jobless hits highest level since birth of euro 31 JAN 2012 12:45 GMT BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone unemployment has risen to its highest level since before the euro was introduced, data showed on Tuesday, a day after EU leaders promised to focus on creating milli

Unemployment hits highest since 1994, youth suffer: Reuters - Top News Evening Edition

LATEST NEWS Unemployment hits highest since 1994, youth suffer LONDON (Reuters) - Unemployment has jumped to its highest level since 1994, with young people hit hardest as private companies fail to make up for job losses in the public sector, piling pressure on the government to boost a stagnant economy. | Full Article Ally defends Defence Secretary Fox over gossip 12 OCT 2011 12:33 BST LONDON (Reuters) - A minister on Wednesday condemned rumour-mongering about the sexuality of Defence Secretary Liam Fox, who is under fire for allowing a male business friend who works in the sector to accompany him on official business trips abroad. | Full Article Editor accuses government of hypocrisy on hacking 12 OCT 2011 15:35 BST LONDON (Reuters) - One of the most powerful newspaper editors in Britain on Wednesday accused the government of using a scandal over journalists hacking phones as an excuse to clamp down on the press and prevent it from