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Reuters | Money - September 15, 2014: Investors team up to find path through risky dark pools.

Investors team up to find path through risky dark pools LONDON (Reuters) - Stock investors who recognize the risks of trading in anonymous "dark pools" but are unwilling to spurn them have found an alternative: club together. Morgan Stanley shrinks managed mutual fund program NEW YORK (Reuters) - Morgan Stanley remains the world's biggest seller of managed accounts, in which customers pay a fee rather than trade-based commissions to have their assets managed, but it is phasing out a program that lets them choose among more than 300 actively managed mutual funds for their investments. U.S. city and county pension funding up nearly 6 percent in 2013: report (Reuters) - Funding levels for city and county pension plans rose almost 6 percent in 2013 from the previous year, according to a report released by Wilshire Consulting on Monday. Want to save big money? Consider the no-booze budget NEW YORK (Reuters) - Would you give up alcohol to help balance the family budge

Reuters | Money - August 25, 2014: Yellen as many-handed policy goddess: James Saft.

Yellen as many-handed policy goddess: James Saft (Reuters) - Harry Truman once made a plea for a one-armed economist, being sick and tired of his advisors always saying “on the one hand this, but on the other hand something else”. What your college kid isn't telling you about money NEW YORK (Reuters) - It is an American rite of passage. Little Johnny finally grows up, goes off to college, and starts handling money on his own. He probably spends a little too much, and racks up some debt. RBC raises dividend as profits rise, lifted by capital markets TORONTO (Reuters) - Royal Bank of Canada  on Friday  reported a bigger-than-expected increase in quarterly earnings, driven by strong results from its wealth management and capital markets divisions. How investment advisers can win DIY clients (Reuters) - Aaron Rubin counts many formerly self-directed investors among his clients at Werba Rubin Wealth Management in San Jose.