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TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Flooding threat a test of man vs. nature There’s a war underway, fought across the Mississippi’s 35,000-square-mile alluvial plain. This is the toughest test since 1973 of the Army Corps of Engineers’ flood-control system along the river. (By Joel Achenbach) Germany, Britain back Lagarde The finance chiefs of Germany and Britain on Saturday added to a chorus of calls for French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde to become the new leader of the International Monetary Fund. (By Associated Press) From no memory to a college degree In 1988, a ceiling fan fell on Su Meck’s head, erasing her memory. On Friday, she graduated from Montgomery College with a music degree. (By Daniel de Vise) India’s outsourcing firms look for growth in U.S. India’s outsourcing giants — faced with rising wages at home — are looking for growth opportunities in the United States. (By Paul Glader) For disillusioned unions, money talks Labor unions’

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  TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS Many Libyans appear to back Gaddafi Six days into the allied bombardment of Libyan military targets, it is clear that Moammar Gaddafi can count on the fierce loyalties of at least a significant segment of the population. (By Liz Sly) Pressure builds on Obama to clarify mission in Libya President Obama’s move to join other nations in intervening militarily in Libya appears to have generated confusion — both as to the scope of the mission and to its ultimate end. (By Karen Tumulty) States target jobless benefits Michigan moved to cut its unemployment program, becoming the first of what could be a flurry of states to reduce benefits despite troubling jobless rates. (By Peter Whoriskey and Michael A. Fletcher) D.C.’s black majority status slips away New census data show that African Americans were barely more than 50 percent of the city last year. (By Carol Morello and Dan Keating) Arizona sends Duke packing Derric