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China Finally Arrives on World Stage? RT Cross Talk.

CrossTalk: China finally arrives on world stage? RT Published on Sep 7, 2015 Has China finally arrived - in every sense of the word – on the world stage? It was at the epicenter of the most recent global financial turbulence. Thus when something happens to the Chinese economy, it is immediately felt around the world. And China is on track to be the lender of last resort, replacing the US

RT Cross Talk - march 11, 2015. Russia Watching.

CrossTalk: Russia Watching   RT Published on Mar 11, 2015 The west’s mainstream loves to loath Russia, anything related to Russia, and of course the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Where do these intense biases come from? And has anyone noticed that bad media coverage in the West only strengthens the resolve of the average Russian at home?..

RT Cross Talk - March 6, 2015: Can Washington say ‘Yes’ to peace with Iran?

CrossTalk: Can Washington say ‘Yes’ to peace with Iran?   RT Published on Mar 6, 2015 So close, yet so far. Iran and the West are close to accomplishing what so many in Washington and Tel Aviv are terrified of – a negotiated end to the Western standoff with Iran. Israel’s Netanyahu has made it clear: war is better than peace. Can Washington finally say ‘yes’ to peace?

RT Cross Talk - December 3, 2014: Ukraine's NATO Push.

CrossTalk: Ukraine's NATO Push   RT Published on Dec 3, 2014 Ukraine’s Poroshenko says he wants voters to decide on NATO membership and soon. Is this a diversion from the real topic at hand – like Ukraine’s collapsing institutions and economy? The West helped him into power, but will the West save Ukraine? CrossTalking with Sherle Schwenninger, John Quigley and John Laughland.

RT Cross Talk - November 17, 2014.: World Without West.

CrossTalk: World Without West   RT   Published on Nov 17, 2014 Listen to Peter Lavelle's Final Thought on this issue: As the world pivots to Asia, China has its own plans for this vast region and the world. Not satisfied with the options of either assimilating itself to the West or facing confrontation, Beijing is creating its own global system. CrossTalking with Douglas Paal, Daniel Wagner and Richard Weitz.