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NYT: Business News.- Ex-Regulators Get Set to Lobby on New Financial Rules July 28th.,2010

Business News : Ex-Regulators Get Set to Lobby on New Financial Rules By ERIC LICHTBLAU Corporations are recruiting former regulators to help negotiate an avalanche of anticipated federal rules. Tobacco Funds Shrink as Obesity Fight Intensifies By DUFF WILSON As public health priorities shift, anti-tobacco programs are losing out to the campaign against obesity. Wind Drives Growing Use of Batteries By MATTHEW L. WALD Utilities are developing storage batteries to smooth the flow of intermittent sources of power, like wind farms. • More Business News

NYT: Business News . May 19th, 2010

BUSINESS Reliance on Oil Sands Grows Despite Risks By CLIFFORD KRAUSS and ELISABETH ROSENTHAL As Congress considers new limits on oil drilling off the American coast, pressure is increasing to rely more heavily on Canada’s oil sands for energy. New Rules Would Limit Trades in Volatile Market By EDWARD WYATT and GRAHAM BOWLEY The Securities and Exchange Commission will try circuit breakers that will pause trading in stocks if their price moves by 10 percent or more in a five-minute period. Asian Stocks Drop on Renewed Worries About Europe By BETTINA WASSENER Stock markets in Asia fell on Wednesday and the euro continued to slide on fresh investor concerns over policymakers' ability to stem the potential fallout from the Greek debt crisis.