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NYT Today's Top Headlines - February 17, 2015: Top News: Egypt Launches Airstrike in Libya Against ISIS Branch.

Most Popular   |   Video   |   Subscribe:  Digital /  Home Delivery Today's Headlines Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Top News Egypt Launches Airstrike in Libya Against ISIS Branch By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK The move by Cairo, which came in response to the beheading of more than a dozen Egyptian Christians, threatens to draw it further into the Libyan conflict. U.S. Intensifies Effort to Blunt ISIS' Message By ERIC SCHMITT A tiny State Department agency will be revamped and expanded to coordinate existing attempts to counter the Islamic State's propaganda machine. Killing in Washington State Offers 'Ferguson' Moment for Hispanics By JULIE TURKEWITZ and RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. The shooting of a man who threw rocks at the police in Pasco, Wash., has led to comparisons to Ferguson, Mo., and drawn condemnation from the Mexican president and multiple investigations. For more top news, go to » Editors' Picks S

NYT Today's Top Headlines - February 6, 2015: Top News: U.S. and Europe Working to End Ukraine Fighting.

Today's Headlines Friday, February 6, 2015 Top News U.S. and Europe Working to End Ukraine Fighting By MICHAEL R. GORDON and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN As the White House weighs sending arms to bolster Ukraine's forces, Secretary of State John Kerry is joining the leaders of Germany and France in Kiev to bolster peace efforts. Boko Haram, and Massacres Ruled by Whim By ADAM NOSSITER Forced marriage, slavery and imprisonment are vital institutions for the militants, the refugees say. And casually meted-out death is common. With an Apology, Brian Williams Digs Himself Deeper in Copter Tale By JONATHAN MAHLER, RAVI SOMAIYA and EMILY STEEL Veterans challenged Mr. Williams's assertion that he made a mistake when he spoke about having been in a military helicopter forced down by enemy fire in 2003.   The TV Watch: After a Decade Building Trust, One Wrong Move by an Anchor Starts a Firestorm For more top news, go to »