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NYT Global Update | World: After Sinai Attack, U.S. and Egypt Step Up Talks on Security

August 11, 2012 Compiled 20:53 GMT Global Update TOP NEWS Romney Chooses Ryan, Pushing Fiscal Issues to the Forefront By JEFF ZELENY and JIM RUTENBERG Mitt Romney introduced Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate Saturday in Norfolk, Va., making a selection that will intensify the campaign debate on the size and role of government.  Graphic : Paul Ryan and Previous Paths to the Vice Presidency News Analysis Embracing Ryan, and His Budget Details By JACKIE CALMES To date, Mitt Romney has been criticized for a lack of detail in his plan to reduce the nation's debt. Tapping the architect of the House Republican budget plan changes that.  Graphic : Paul Ryan's G.O.P. Budget Proposal U.S. and Turkey to Tighten Coordination on Syria By DAMIEN CAVE Turkey and the United States agreed to form a task force with intelligence, military and political leaders from both countries to track events in Syria a

NYT Global Update | World: The New York Times introduces a beta version of a new online Chinese-language edition.

Global Update TOP NEWS Supreme Court Lets Health Law Largely Stand, in Victory for Obama By ADAM LIPTAK and JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr. The Supreme Court on Thursday largely let stand President Obama's health care overhaul, in a striking victory for the president and Congressional Democrats, with the chief justice, John G. Roberts Jr., affirming the central legislative pillar of Mr. Obama's term. Court's Ruling  Graphic : How the Justices Ruled on the Health Care Law The Caucus Ruling Likely to Prompt Re-evaluation of Roberts By ETHAN BRONNER Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. surprised many on Thursday by providing the crucial fifth vote for upholding President Obama's health care law. News Analysis Big Win for Obama Galvanizes G.O.P. Rivals By JEFF ZELENY Mitt Romney and Congressional Republicans were turning to the court of public opinion to do what the Supreme Court did not. Future of an Aging Court Raises Stakes o

NYT Global Update | World: Remarks by Former U.S. Diplomat Rattle Taiwan Before Election

Global Update TOP NEWS French Rating Cut; More Debt Downgrades Are Expected By LIZ ALDERMAN Standard & Poor's Corp. on Friday stripped France of its sterling credit rating as several other euro zone countries, including Italy, were expected to be downgraded more severely. Wall Street Declines on Ratings Reports 4:00 PM ET Tracking Europe's Debt Crisis U.S. Restores Full Ties to Myanmar After Rapid Reforms By STEVEN LEE MYERS and SETH MYDANS The action is a diplomatic reward for recent political reforms by Myanmar's civilian government, including the release of top activists on Friday. Burmese Government and Ethnic Rebel Group Sign Cease-Fire Amid Crisis, Parliament in Pakistan to Vote on Affirming Civilian Rule By SALMAN MASOOD and ALAN COWELL Lawmakers in Pakistan framed a resolution designed to bolster civilian rule at a time of sharpening tension with the military that has also drawn in the judiciary. G