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Even Harley-Davidson Can't Resist the Tug of Overseas Factories: NYT Business Day - May 23, 2017

Image   Neil Gough New motorcycles arriving from the United States at a Harley-Davidson showroom in Bangkok. Seeking to avoid high tariffs, the company is planning to build a factory in Thailand. Luke Duggleby for The New York Times HONG KONG — President Trump has held up Harley-Davidson as a pillar of American manufacturing. “We’re proud of you! Made in America, Harley-Davidson,” Mr. Trump said to the company’s leather-clad top executives in February as five of its motorcycles rumbled on the White House lawn. FULL - President Donald Trump Greets Harley Davidson at the White House HD Video by LIVE SATELLITE NEWS But even as he praised Harley-Davidson’s all-American credentials, the company was busily building a new plant — in Thailand. Har

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Crisis Signals Problems at Korea Inc. by Choe Sang-Hun and Paul Mozur | NYT Business Day - January 23, 2017   Choe Sang-Hun and Paul Mozur   “The Korean economy as a whole has reached a kind of limit,” said Park Sang-in, a Seoul National University economics professor who thinks that the cozy relationship between the government and business is stifling innovation in South Korea.

NYT Business Day - December 29, 2014.

Access to Gmail Is Blocked in China After Months of Disruption By EDWARD WONG and KIKI ZHAO 7:01 AM ET The government appears to have blocked the ability of people in China to access their Gmail accounts through third-party email clients. 2014 Proves a Grim Year in Malaysian Aviation By MICHAEL FORSYTHE Should no survivors be found aboard the missing AirAsia flight, Malaysian carriers, or their subsidiaries, will have been involved in the world’s three deadliest aviation disasters this year. Shares Drop for AirAsia After Plane Disappears 5:09 AM ET In North Dakota, a Tale of Oil, Corruption and Death By DEBORAH SONTAG and BRENT McDONALD Tex G. Hall, a tribal chief connected to the oil industry, has pushed profits on the Fort Berthold Reservation. But accusations of corruption and murder for hire have upended business as usual. Cosby Team’s Strategy: Hush Accusers, Insult Them, Blame the Media By LORNE MANLY and GRAHAM BOWLEY Bill Cosby’s team