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NYT : World and Business. June 21rst, 2010

World As China Aids Labor, Unrest Is Still Rising By EDWARD WONG Laws enacted in 2008 to protect workers have raised worker consciousness and may be contributing to a rise in labor disputes. Car Bombs Hit Crowds Outside Bank in Baghdad By KHALID D. ALI and TIMOTHY WILLIAMS Two bombs detonated outside Iraq’s Bank of Trade, killing 26 people in the second attack on a major financial institution in eight days. Barriers Removed in Kyrgyzstan Despite Uzbek Protests By CLIFFORD J. LEVY Uzbeks had pleaded with the government to keep the jury-rigged roadblocks in Osh but officials refused, saying that all parts of this city had to be open to everyone. • More World News Business In NBC-Comcast Deal, Quiet Concerns By BRIAN STELTER As public comments on Comcast’s proposed merger close, local television broadcasters have been noticeably silent about the plans of the cable provider, known as a bruising competitor. Bank

NYT : World & Business News. June 5th., 2010.

WORLD India’s Young and Poor Rally to Another Gandhi By JIM YARDLEY India is Rahul Gandhi’s family inheritance, and seemingly the only uncertainty is when he will collect it. Second Set of Activists Steams Toward Gaza By ISABEL KERSHNER Another ship seeking to test Israel’s blockade of Gaza was heading toward the Palestinian enclave on Friday. Israel Faces Deepening Tensions With Turkey Over Raid, and Bond With U.S. Frays By MARK LANDLER Tensions deepened between Turkey and Israel, and a new fissure threatened to open between the U.S. and Israel from the fallout of Israel’s deadly raid on a humanitarian aid flotilla off Gaza. • More World News BUSINESS Airlines Work to Catch Up to the Digital Age By JAD MOUAWAD The carriers, recognizing that their antiquated systems contribute to the frustrations of passengers, have begun developing up-to-date technology. U.S. Indexes Fall Sharply on Jobs Data By CHRIS

The new York Times ; World & Business, April21rst, 2010

World As British Airports Open, Huge Backlog Remains By MARK McDONALD, ALAN COWELL and NICOLA CLARK After nearly 100,000 flights were canceled, carriers began resuming some European service on Wednesday, but things were not back to normal. As Some Flights Resume, New Confusion Emerges By JAD MOUAWAD Despite some progress, airlines are still uncertain about when they can return to a regular schedule. At Top University, a Fight for Pakistan’s Future By SABRINA TAVERNISE An attack on a professor highlighted a power struggle between an outward-looking, educated class and those pushing an intolerant vision of Islam. • More World News Business Questions for Banks That Put Together Deals By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ and ERIC DASH Deals in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s case against Goldman extended far past that investment bank. Mumbai Hotel, a Killing Zone, Is Grand Again By VIKAS BAJAJ Devastated by a