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NYT: Business News.- 10-Year Treasury Yields Slide on Fed’s Decision to Buy Debt . August 11th., 2010

BUSINESS : BP Station Owners Face Long Road to Recovery   By JOHN COLLINS RUDOLF BP owns a fraction of the U.S. service stations that carry its brand, but independent station owners are suffering. STOCKS AND BONDS   10-Year Treasury Yields Slide on Fed’s Decision to Buy Debt By CHRISTINE HAUSER The Federal Reserve, unable to lower interest rates by decree, intends to increase demand for Treasuries, thus reducing their yields and, in turn, a range of interest rates. California Unions Take Pay Protest to Movies   By DAVID STREITFELD State workers in California plan to protest furloughs by demonstrating at a movie in which their governor will make a cameo appearance. • More Business News

NYT: Business.- Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts.July 26th., 2010

BUSINESS :   Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts   By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ After cutting deeply during the recession, employers are aiming to keep profit margins high without rushing into hiring again. WASHINGTON MEMO   Warren’s Candidacy Raises a Partisan Debate   By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM Elizabeth Warren has become a hero to liberals, so appointing her head of a new financial regulation bureau could lead to a partisan battle. Exploring Algae as Fuel   By ANDREW POLLACK Dozens of bioengineering laboratories are trying to create superalgae that can be used to make diesel or jet fuel. • More Business News

NYT: Business.-In Asia, a Gulf’s Worth of Oil Awaits Transport. July 23rd., 2010

BUSINESS:   By ANDREW E. KRAMER The Tengiz field has been operating at half its capacity because Russia hasn’t cooperated with pipeline expansion agreements.  Dell to Pay $100 Million Settlement By EDWARD WYATT The Securities and Exchange Commission accused Dell of misleading investors by using money it had received from Intel to pad its quarterly earnings statements.  Mortgage Securities It Holds Pose Sticky Problem for Fed By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM Keeping the securities could cost the central bank money and make it harder to fight inflation, while selling them could drain money from the economy. • More Business News

NYT: Business : BP Executive Prepares to Take Over Spill Response. June 23rd., 2010

Business BP Executive Prepares to Take Over Spill Response By CLIFFORD KRAUSS and ANDREW E. KRAMER Robert Dudley, who will take charge of BP’s spill response, has plenty of experience dealing with a hostile government, unhappy partners and angry citizens. Banks Have Repaid 75% of Bailout, Geithner Says By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Treasury secretary said taxpayers were recovering their investment from the financial bailouts as the program was wound down. Auto Dealers Could Be Exempt From Proposed Regulator’s Oversight By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM The White House wanted the industry to face additional scrutiny as part of a consumer protection plan, but Senate Democrats yielded to centrist colleagues to get the broader legislation passed. • More Business News

NYT : Business News .- A Jobless Rate Still Unaffected by New Hiring.

Business: A Jobless Rate Still Unaffected by New Hiring By MOTOKO RICH Many unemployed people are beginning to look for work again, encouraged by reports of a strengthening economy. Report Warned Wal-Mart of Risks Before Bias Suit By STEVEN GREENHOUSE A report prepared for the company in 1995 found widespread gender disparities in pay and promotion at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores. Wal-Mart to Offer Its Workers a College Program By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD and STEPHANIE ROSENBLOOM The retailer is joining with a Web-based university to give employees tuition reductions and credits from work. • More Business News

NYT: Business.-Safety Rules Can’t Keep Up With Biotech Industry. May 28th, 2010

Business News Safety Rules Can’t Keep Up With Biotech Industry By ANDREW POLLACK and DUFF WILSON Biotechnology labs are filled with imponderable hazards yet are subjected to fewer regulations than most factories. F.D.A. Weighs Penalties in Drug Recall By NATASHA SINGER A Johnson & Johnson unit that recalled millions of children’s Tylenol bottles may face criminal penalties. Ford Is Hoping to Give the Once-Great Explorer a Second Life By NICK BUNKLEY Ford is hoping that substantially improved fuel mileage will cause buyers to consider an S.U.V. • More Business News Video: Explaining Europe’s Debt Crisis People are questioning how such a small country like Greece could impact world markets.