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NYT : Afternoon Business News | Afternoon Business Update.- August 23rd., 2010

BUSINESS: Itineraries A Global Patchwork of Air Safety Rules   By SUSAN STELLIN After the F.A.A. downgraded Mexico's safety rating, attention turned to the inconsistencies in global guidelines. Pressed to Act, Bank of Japan Sees Few Ways to Lift Demand   By HIROKO TABUCHI With anemic growth and looming deflation, Japan's central bank sees little it can do to stimulate the economy despite mounting pressure to act. TPG and Shanghai to Create Chinese Currency Fund   By DAVID BARBOZA The$735 million venture joins others that are raising huge funds denominated in the renminbi. Beijing hopes such investments will strengthen the nation's capital markets. Former Gucci Executive to Lead Barneys   By REUTERS The appointment of Mark Lee ends a two-year period in which the luxury retailer was led by a committee of seven executives. Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say   By DAVID STREITFELD Many economists believe that the days of banking on an asset that

NYT : Afternoon Business News- Intel Setlles Claim on Anti- Competitive Bahaviour. August 4th., 2010

AFERNOON BUSINESS NEWS Intel Settles Claim on Anticompetitive Behavior   By EDWARD WYATT and ASHLEE VANCE The chip maker has agreed to change some practices under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. Outsourcing to India Draws Western Lawyers   By HEATHER TIMMONS American and British lawyers - who might once have turned up their noses at the idea of moving to India - are re-evaluating. BP's Next Chief Makes a Stop in Moscow   By ANDREW E. KRAMER Robert Dudley made a crucial protocol stop as he shifts the focus away from plugging the leak in the gulf to selling assets to pay for its cleanup. Prescriptions Blog Hepatitis and Cholesterol Drugs Show Promise   By ANDREW POLLACK Two late-stage clinical trials for a Merck drug and for a drug by Isis and Genzyme demonstrated success, the companies said. Small Business Guide Tapping the Wisdom of the Crowd   By LAURA RICH Feedback provided by crowdsourcing can help small business owners with merchandise or plans for