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NYT First Political Draft Now - March 27, 2015: Marathon Vote a Challenge for Senators Thinking About 2016

March 27, 2015 » Marathon Vote a Challenge for Senators Thinking About 2016 Sheets with vote tallies on a table in the Senate Press Gallery at the Capitol in Washington  on Thursday . Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times MARCH 27, 2015 By Ashley Parker Good  Friday  morning from Washington.  Jeb Bush ’s aides are mulling a new data strategy, while  Hillary Rodham Clinton  is building up her communications team. Ending a week that included the first presidential announcement, we reminisce about  Ted Cruz’ s old debate days. Meanwhile, members of Congress will most likely start the weekend groggy from a marathon “vote-orama.”

NYT First political Draft Now - February 10, 2015: Clinton Allies Squabble, Bush Aide Stumbles, Rubio Camp Celebrates

February 10, 2015 » Clinton Allies Squabble, Bush Aide Stumbles, Rubio Camp Celebrates David Brock, who resigned from the board of Priorities USA Action, a pro-Clinton “super PAC,” speaking at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock in March. Stephen B. Thornton for The New York Times FEBRUARY 10, 2015 By Nicholas Confessore, Alan Rappeport and Jonathan Martin Good  Tuesday  morning from Washington. Talk of 2016 grows louder as fractures appear in  Hillary Rodham Clinton ’s   coalition,  Jeb Bush ’s new tech chief has Twitter troubles,  Senator Marco Rubio  of Florida snags a coveted aide, and Gov. Chris Christie  of New Jersey woos residents of a Des Moines suburb (again). On Capitol Hill,  Ashton B. Carter  is skating through the nomination process to become defense secretary, but confirmation for  Loretta B. Lynch  as attorney general is held up. We wrap up with  President Obama  offering an olive branch to  Michael Jordan . Fractures

NYT First Political Draft Now - February 3, 2015: Democrats Look to Protect Obama's Immigration Directives

February 3, 2015 » Democrats Look to Protect Obama’s Immigration Directives Jeh Johnson, the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, before President Obama’s budget remarks on Monday. Jabin Botsford/The New York Times FEBRUARY 3, 2015 By Carl Hulse Good Tuesday morning from Washington, where the Senate is taking up the immigration fight,  Senator Marco Rubio  convenes a hearing on  President Obama’s  Cuba plan (he’s against it), and Senate Republicans and Democrats are sharing a meal for the first time in two years.  Gov. Chris Christie  can’t seem to avoid controversy, even when he’s out of the country, drawing an outcry over vaccination requirements for children.  Senator Rand Paul’s  social media team is also overseas, working with the Likud party in Israel. The fight over immigration policy shifts to the Senate on Tuesday, with Democrats confident that they can block a homeland security financing bill that would revers