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NYT | Times Video - March 9, 2015: Hawk Cam Captures the Hunt.

NYTIMES.COM/VIDEO » Monday, March 9, 2015 U.S. & Politics - Retro Report The Ferry: A Civil Rights Story Weeks before Selma's Bloody Sunday in 1965, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. urged residents of Gee's Bend, Ala., to vote, and fed a continuing fight over a small ferry that would last for decades. Watch » Science - ScienceTake ScienceTake | The Leaping Mantis A praying mantis takes a leap that would do Michael Jordan proud. Watch » Opinion - Nicholas Kristof Heartbreak in Gaza In Gaza, Nicholas Kristof finds the place still in ruins after last year's war with Israel. Watch » Op-Docs - Op-Docs: Season 4 A Call From Selma This short documentary explores how the murder of a white minister in Selma, Ala., helped catalyze the civil rights movement. Watch »

NYT | Times Video - December 8, 2014.

NYTIMES.COM/VIDEO » Monday, December 8, 2014 Business Paycheck to Paycheck The Vories family lives on a volatile income - not knowing how much each paycheck will contain month-to-month. In tough times, Alex Vories borrows his father's car to deliver pizzas at night. Watch » International Germany's Refugee Crisis More refugees are seeking asylum in Germany than in any other country, straining Germans' tolerance for foreigners and taxing the government's ability to find housing for them. Watch » U.S. & Politics - Retro Report Napster: Culture of Free In 1999, a file-sharing program created in a Boston dorm room sent shock waves across the music industry and served notice that a major cultural shift was underway. Watch » Science - ScienceTake ScienceTake | How Dogs Drink There's more going on than splashing when a dog's tongue hits the water. Watch » Business