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Say Goodbye to Alexa and Hello to Gadgets Listening to the Voice Inside Your Head I Medium I MIT Technology Report MIT Technology Review Arnav Kapur’s AlterEgo lets him communicate, switch TV channels, and more by talking silently to himself Photo: MIT MEDIA LAB By Rachel Metz Controlling your gadgets by talking to them is so 2018. In the future, you won’t even have to move your lips. A prototype device called AlterEgo , created by MIT Media Lab graduate student Arnav Kapur, is already making this possible. With Kapur’s device — a 3-D-printed plastic doodad that looks kind of like a skinny white banana attached to the side of his head — he can flip through TV channels, change the colors of lightbulbs, make expert chess moves, solve complicated arithmetic problems, and, as he recently showed a 60 Minutes crew, order a pizza, all without saying a word or lifting a finger. It can be used to let people communicate silently and unobtrusively with each other, too. “I do feel like a cyborg, but in the best sense possible,” he says of his experience with the

It’s Time to Start Talking About the Post-Trump Amendments I Medium  ByTony Smith We will need a series of Constitutional Amendments to repair the harm Trump has done to our rights, institutions, and norms. We are only in the second year of the Trump Administration and we have already seen the implementation of a religiously-based travel ban, the curtailment of an open Internet, draconian immigration policies that tear apart families, and the degradation of norms that undergird our constitutional system. On top of this, Trump has expressed a desire to weaken the First Amendment, to censor the press, and to order U.S. troops to commit war crimes, all while using the office of President to line his own pockets at the taxpayers’ expense. Sooner or later, Trump and those that enabled his attack on the rights and institutions guaranteed by the Constitution will be forced out of office. When that happens, it is crucial for the people to implement constitutional reforms that will clar

They Work To Manufacture Consent Because They Need It. So Don’t Give It To Them. I Medium They Work To Manufacture Consent Because They Need It. So Don’t Give It To Them. Caitlin Johnstone Plutocrat-owned news media outlets lie constantly. When I say this I don’t mean that everything they say is false; many of the events reported by mass media are for the most part factual. Whenever it’s convenient for the loose alliance of western plutocrats, the political establishment those plutocrats own and operate, and the secretive government agencies with which they are allied, the plutocratic media tell the truth to the extent that it advances plutocratic agendas. But only telling the truth when it suits one’s agendas is the same as lying constantly. A good liar doesn’t simply say the opposite of what’s true all the time; nobody does that. A good liar tells the truth enough of the time to gain a reputation as an honest and trustworthy source of information, and then, when the truth poses an obstacle to their ag

Devin Nunes and Others Met with DOJ but Did They Get Classified Documents? - May 25 2018. | Medium Devin Nunes and Others Met with DOJ but Did They Get Classified Documents?- SusanKnowles Thursday’s special meetings arranged by Chief of Staff John Kelly at the direction of President Donald Trump were intended to result in the DOJ and FBI turning over requested documents to House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) Recently, Nunes and Oversight Chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) indicated they would no longer attend meetings unless the DOJ was ready to turnover requested documents. Nunes wanted an unredacted memo which outlined special counsel Robert Mueller’s scope of authority and the name of the FBI secret informant who was allegedly planted inside the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The first meeting on Thursday met at noon at the Justice Departmentnt with Nunes, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Gowdy and Democratic House Intel Committee Co-Chair Adam Schiff. Trump’s attorney Emmet