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CMI Gold and Silver Spot Prices as of close of trading in New York Monday, May 20, 2013.

Spot Prices as of close of trading in New York Monday, May 20, 2013 Updated 5/20/2013 Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago GOLD $1,386.55 +$19.25 $1,436.35 $1,397.30 $1,592.10 SILVER $22.69 +$0.24 $23.77 $23.13 $28.70 PLATINUM $1,484.80 +$13.20 $1,491.80 $1,426.80 $1,462.10 PALLADIUM $753.60 +$10.00 $721.30 $679.10 $608.50

The Washington Post E Replica, May 20, 2012

In This Issue: TRANSGENDER AT FIVE Kathryn wanted pants. And short hair. Then trucks and swords. Her parents, Jean and Stephen, were fine with their toddler's embrace of all things boy. They've both been schoolteachers and... Chinese activist arrives in U.S., defusing tension The blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who had been at the center of a diplomatic row between the U.S. and Chinese governments, completed a fourweek journey from confinement in a... In Martin case, 45 seconds of debate In the last 45 seconds, there is a faint voice, a distant yell, and the urgent dialogue between a woman and a 911 operator. "There's just someone screaming outside," the caller begins on the... As the campaign heats up, first lady looks to play it cool As the presidential campaign ramped up earlier this year, Michelle Obama presented poet Maya Angelou with an award and a hug at the BET Honors award show. Two days later, sh