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MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily - Personal Finance Stories.- Hard economic times, and still college costs rise. August 10th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily AUGUST 10, 2010 Tuesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Families dig deeper to pay for college Investors ignore job-market signs Economy needs more help, Fed says Jobless recovery won't go further without jobs Taxing the 'rich' will hinder economic recovery It's not getting any easier to pay for college. Even as families faced an economic maelstrom last year, tuition costs were rising. So, according to a new survey, parents and their students cut back on other spending, chose more affordable schools, dug deeper into income and savings, and borrowed more. Read our story today for a detailed look at how families are paying for college in tough times. It's really fairly obvious: Look at what families have been doing for years - and then just ramp up the dollar amounts. And the tough economic times are likely to continue for a while, it seems. Don't miss our st

CNBC: Personal Finance Daily. July 27th., 2010.

Personal Finance Daily JULY 27, 2010 Tuesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Unemployment is hard on your health State budget gaps to hit $84 billion U.S. home prices rise Job worries darken July consumer confidence Working is not always easy. There's the stress, long hours and the worry that you're not doing a good enough job to avoid the ax, and, for many these days, more work and more stress as employers trim their workforce ranks and let the lucky ones pick up the slack. But getting that ax, and especially suffering a long bout of joblessness after that "termination," is pain on another scale entirely. No paycheck coming in, nowhere to go during the day, the feeling that you're not good enough -- even if you are fully aware that macroeconomic forces far beyond your control are what's to blame for your predicament. Read Ruth Mantell's Diary of a Recession Baby today for