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MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily .- July 9th., 2010

Friday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: The nursing-home question, up close and personal Selling a condo? Better hope it's approved BP is no Stupid Investment of the Week Focus on data point misses larger issue In Spain, World Cup is larger than (difficult) life For most of us, nursing homes are on the list of things to think about at a later date -- or places that we hope, at all costs, to avoid. But then life drops you smack-dab into the issue, whether you like it or not, usually when an aging parent or relative becomes ill. As Robert Powell describes in his first-person piece today, the question of whether a family member should enter a nursing home isn't an easy one to answer. After all, there are often other options, including staying at home with an in-home health-care aide, moving in with an adult child, or moving into an assisted-living facility. And as Powell notes, the question,

MarketWatch : Personal Finance Stoies. Consumers, even the wealtiest are worried. June 29th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily JUNE 29, 2010 Tuesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories Rich aren't spending us out of recession Consumer confidence plummets Top adviser since 1980 is mostly in cash right now Bank-reform bill heads back to conference What does the Gulf oil spill have to do with consumer confidence nationwide? Some analysts say the oil spill is one reason the U.S. consumer confidence reading for June came in substantially lower than expected. No doubt the environmental disaster spewing into the Gulf is extremely depressing. But unless we're talking about people who live and work along the affected parts of the Gulf, I'm not sure that disaster poses a challenge for the broader economy. Then again, it's definitely going to hit a lot of jobs and small businesses, and worry about the job market pretty much sums up consumers' feelings right now. Some analysts also note that th