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MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Consumer friend or foe? Lawmakers tussle over CFPB

Personal Finance Daily NOVEMBER 02, 2011 Consumer friend or foe? Lawmakers tussle over CFPB By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: CFPB's first 100 days under microscope at hearing Where to invest in China now Greece's born-again democracy has lessons for U.S. 7 billion reasons markets will change direction U.S. private-sector jobs up 110,000 in October The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: consumers' best friend or a "loose cannon" of a regulatory agency? Depends on whom you ask. One thing we know for sure: It's been in operation for 100 days, and it appears to be making some progress on protecting consumers. Read Ruth Mantell's report today from a hearing on Capitol Hill where lawmakers of different political stripes offered up wildly divergent opinions on the agency, as one of its top officials reported on the agency's accomplishments and where it heads next. Also, don't miss Robert P

Marketwatch | Personal Finance Daily: Killing off tax breaks isn't easy

Personal Finance Daily JULY 22, 2011 Killing off tax breaks isn't easy By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Gay marriage could be economic boon for New York Will Congress kill your favorite tax deductions? 5 ways to save thousands on wedding costs 5 investments to gird against a weak market Insurance stocks may get hit by Europe crisis. Lawmakers are eager to cut costs, and that may well mean your favorite tax break gets the knife. Read our story today to find out which tax breaks might die in Congress at the hands of the budget-cutters, and read Weekend Investor for five investments that can protect you in a weak market. Plus, this Sunday, same-sex couples can get married in New York, which is now the sixth state to allow gay marriage (six states, plus the District of Columbia). Read our story on how that's likely to put some money in the pockets of party planners — and financial planners — in New York. And read Jenn

MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Pick dividend-paying stocks carefully

Personal Finance Daily MAY 18, 2011 Look for growth, strength in dividend stocks By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Pick dividend-paying stocks carefully The higher costs of strategic default 10 ways to save on a wedding Protect your identity as part of your disaster plan Who doesn't love a dividend? As Robert Powell points out in his Your Portfolio column today, it's really not enough to just pick any old dividend-paying stock and forget about it. Investors who do that may be missing out on some great advantages and may be paying too much for growth opportunities. Other factors to consider are a track record of strong dividend growth and companies that make good use free cash flow. Powell reviews strategies and lists ETFs, funds and companies you'll want to look at. MarketWatch Radio's Adrienne Mitchell says the last thing you'll probably be worrying about if you have to leave your home because of a natura