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MarketWatch: Personal Finance Stories : She's a female cop, but don't call her sweetheart. Sep. 10th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 Friday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: What not to say when pulled over by a cop Condo buildings move to limit rentals Gas-line explosion near S.F. airport A hedge fund lurking in your 401(k) Who hasn't been there? You're driving and you're distracted or running late, or both, so you don't stop fully at the stop sign, or you figure you'll save time by making that illegal left turn. Or maybe you live in a state where talking on the phone while driving is illegal -- and you decide to make that call anyway. Then you see the lights, hear the siren and soon enough a police officer is walking up to your car. The question is: What do you do then? Certainly, cops can tell you what they don't want you to do. Read Jennifer Waters' column today for police officers' advice on what to do -- and not do -- during a traffic stop. If you heed the ti

MarketWatch: Personal Finance Daily.- We want to work longer but will employers hire us?. July 2nd., 2010

Personal Finance Daily JULY 02, 2010 Friday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Hike retirement age to 70 to fix Social Security Expired benefits leave job-seekers in tough bind Jobs report offers mixed bag Complex questions on reverse mortgages Tesla hits the streets in Copenhagen At what age do you plan to retire? While the idea of early retirement certainly has its allure, I've been thinking my retirement age will be 70. I started saving for retirement relatively late in life (in my 30s), and while my savings rate is fairly high now, that wasn't the case early on in my career. So I'll need to work quite a while to pay the way in my golden years. Much as I love the work I do, I can't say the thought of working until age 70 makes me happy. But it's the most realistic scenario. And anyway, my "normal" retirement age, in Social Security terms, is 67. What's three more

MarketWatch: Personal Finance Stories. June 30th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily JUNE 30, 2010 Wednesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Six ways for small-business owners to save New deadline for home-buyer credit nears approval Portfolio moves you should make now Private-sector employment tepid An easy way to set your financial goals Everyone's got their own tips and tricks for saving money. I remember a few years ago one of our columnists wrote about the wisdom of using less toilet paper to save money. We haven't really embraced that concept at my house, but we have been eating in a lot more (that may have more to do with loving our new kitchen than with a desire to save money, but the savings are a wonderful side effect). When it comes to cutting costs, you do what you can when you need to, right? So why not change to a smaller type font before printing anything, as a way to save on paper (it's good for the environment, too)? That's j

MarketWatch : Personal Finance Daily . June 25th., 2010

Personal Finance Daily JUNE 25, 2010 Friday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Bank reform will change mortgage shopping House-Senate panel overhaul OK'd by negotiators. A hospital bets big on technology   Health-reform rules are headed your way In the main, consumers win under the sweeping new rules House and Senate lawmakers hammered out into the wee hours Friday morning. In addition to reining in some of banks' riskiest practices, consumers will have a brand-new agency all for themselves. If the full House and Senate agree to the bill as put forth by negotiators Friday, a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will write rules and monitor loan products to keep consumers safe. Consumer advocates cheered portions of the legislation. "The bill sets up an autonomous consumer bureau with independent funding, which are key elements for an effective regulator," said Susan Weinstock, fin