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MarketWatch | Stocks: Peloton

 Source: Peloton stock plunges below IPO price for first time in nearly two years after report of production halt Mark DeCambre, , Emily Bary 3-4 minutes Your browser does not support the audio tag. Shares of Peloton Interactive Inc. were cratering Thursday after a report indicated that the company temporarily planned to halt production of its connected exercise equipment to help curb costs in a period of slowing demand. Peloton’s stock were off nearly 19% in Thursday afternoon trading and hovering below the company’s initial-public-offering price for the first time since April 2020. The shares were halted four times during the session following the report from CNBC, which said that Peloton was cutting its forecast for demand and pausing production of several products. The company made its public debut on the Nasdaq at $29 a share back in September of 201

Technology By MarketWatch on Thursday, January 19, 2022

 Source: Technology - MarketWatch by WSJ Video 18-22 minutes GO TO VIDEO 5G Service Launches Amid Flight-Safety Uncertainty   Airlines canceled some flights before a new 5G wireless service rolled out, even after Verizon and AT&T agreed to limit the signal around U.S. airports. The FAA says the service could affect airplane safety systems, a clai... Jan. 19, 2022 at 2:20 p.m. ET by WSJ Video   READ FULL STORY

MarkeWatch | Mutual Funds Weekly.

 Source: These money and investing tips can keep you on top of your stock portfolio even when the bottom is falling out

MarketWatch | Weekend Reads on Friday, January 14, 2022.

 Source: marketwatch .com Weekend reads: How to invest amid higher inflation and as interest rates rise By Philip van Doorn 7-9 minutes Also, beautiful retirement locations for biking, retirement planning and how to prepare for a career move Getty Images This week the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said the consumer price index in December had risen 7% from a year earlier, bringing inflation close to a 40-year high . There was a bit of improvement in the producer price index , with a December increase of 9.7% from a year earlier, down from 9.8% in November. Rex Nutting break

MarketWatch - Weekend reads: When tech stocks fade, where do you go?

 Source: Weekend reads: When tech stocks fade, where do you go? Philip van Doorn 7-9 minutes ________________________________________________________________________________     The monthly jobs report for December showed a decline in the U.S. unemployment rate to 3.9%, even though fewer jobs were created than economists had expected . How does this influence the Federal Reserve’s thinking on interest rates only two days after stock-market investors were stunned by Fed meeting minutes that showed some members want to not just raise interest rates but also shrink the central bank’s balance sheet ? Gregg Robb wraps up reactions from economists . The low unemployment rate supports expectations that the Fed will start raising interest rates in March, as it has indicated it plans to do. That can put pressure on the stock market because investors seeking yield will have increasing opportunities in the bond market.

Opinion: Market Analysts Can't Agree on Where Stocks are going next. So Double-Check The Data Before You Buy or Sell.

 Sorce: Mark Hulbert 4-5 minutes It’s an urgent question, since the Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (CESI) has been negative for two months now, following an unbroken positive stretch for more than a year. The CESI measures the extent to which the latest economic news deviates from the Wall Street consensus. The past two months of consistently negative CESI readings therefore mean that the economic news, on balance, has been worse than expected. Is it good news or bad for stock investors that recent U.S. economic news releases have been significantly worse than expected? The latest reading from the Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (CESI) is minus 29.2. Just 10 days ago it was even more negative, at minus 61.7. Its average over the last 18 years is 4.6.

MarketWatch | Need to Know

  Source: By Steve Goldstein 6-8 minutes Critical information for the U.S. trading day Getty Images The 1990s were a great era — peaceful, hopeful, with a surging economy, innovative technology and vibrant music. That’s not to say there weren’t issues, and in retrospect, the leaders of that era in the present day, President Bill Clinton and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, have lost their shine. And maybe the ideal portfolio construction of that era is also due some updating. The recent death of Yale portfolio manager David Swenson has put attention on