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The Economist : Business This Week

Business this week Jan 28th 2010 From The Economist print edition Barack Obama presented his administration’s latest proposals for bank reform . Advised by Paul Volcker, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve, the president wants to stop banks with insured deposits from trading on their own account and from owning or investing in private equity and hedge funds. To restrict banks that “are too big to fail”, the cap on the size of a bank, limiting it to holding no more than 10% of the share of insured deposits, would be expanded to take in other sources of funding. See article Tim Geithner was grilled in Congress over the rescue of American International Group in 2008. America’s treasury secretary headed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the time and was involved in early bail-out negotiations. Officials have been accused of not disclosing enough about deals that ensured banks got their money back on AIG derivatives contracts. See article Bank of China

MarketWatch: Personal Finance Daily: January 25,2010

Personal Finance Daily JANUARY 25, 2010 Monday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Simple steps to a successful retirement Obama unveils new aid for middle class Economy forces changes to retirement homes Four tips on how to make extra money Figuring out how much you'll need to save for retirement is a complex calculation. You have to estimate how many years your savings must last -- that means assessing how long you might live. And you need to figure out how high your expenses will be -- that means estimating your retirement costs, which are bound to be different from the expenses you face while working. Those two calculations alone are enough to make an eager retirement saver look for something -- anything -- more fun to do. While it can be tough to figure it all out, until you do -- or until you find a financial planner to help you -- it makes sense to send as much money as you can into your retirement-savings accou

MarketWatch:Monday''s :Personal Finance Stories

Monday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Bad news for fund investors A laugh track for a better career Top five 2010 stress busters The 2009 Cars of the Year Here 2010 is getting off to such a nice start on the first market day of the year and all the prognosticators want to do is throw a little cold water on the party before it even really gets off the ground. But investors have every reason to be cautious in the year ahead. That's especially true if you own mutual funds -- and about half of American savers do -- because there are a lot of headwinds in the fund business, several of them unresolved issues from last year, that is going to make for some rough sailing no matter what stocks and bonds do overall. Top of the list of those concerns are money-market funds and target-date funds, both of which wound up on shaky ground after the financial meltdown and neither of which has recovered fully from the experience.

MarketWatch: The year's Ten top videos

The year's top videos By MarketWatch Here are the 10 most-popular videos that appeared on MarketWatch in 2009: Dow could hit 4,000 Even though the Dow appears oversold and could rally back to around 7,400, investors should consider limiting their exposure to equities, according to Stockmarket Cycles' Peter Eliades. Stacey Delo reports. Watch Video Report. How low can we go? The major market averages continue their slide. Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at Standard and Poor's, talks with Kelsey Hubbard about the historical context of this decline and how long it could continue. Watch Video Report. $100 bills as toilet tissue? Efforts to avoid a deflationary depression will probably produce the opposite -- a nasty bout of inflation, says John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics, who advises hoarding gold and even Scotch to barter. Alistair Barr reports. Watch Video Report. Bank decides to demolish new homes Guaranty Bank of Austin, Tex

MarketWatch:Tuesday Personal Finance Stories...DO NOT MISS THEM!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THE BEST IN 2010 FERNANDO GUZMÁN CAVERO  FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS Tuesday's Personal Finance stories By MarketWatch Don't miss these top stories: Bootie call: Saving on baby clothes Health trends for 2010 Don't buy the low-return hoax   Last-minute don't-buy gift list This is the time of year when financial gurus, not to mention the financial media, look backward and forward, to reflect on the investing year -- or in the case of this year the investing decade as well -- and predict what lies ahead. The only thing you can be sure of with all this analysis is that by and large it is baloney. Sure, go out and stuff your stockings with this magazine's "10 top fund for the next 10 years" or that Web site's "Where to put your money in 2010." They can be amusing. Just don't act on them. Take a popular media-hyped portfolio from 1999 consisting of gems