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Advance Report on Manufacturers' Shipments, inventories and Orders

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 MONTHLY ADVANCE REPORT ON MANUFACTURERS’ SHIPMENTS, INVENTORIES AND ORDERS MAY 2018 Release Number: CB 18-87 M3-1 (18)-05 June 27, 2018 The U.S. Census Bureau announces the May advance report on manufacturers’ shipments, inventories and orders: New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in May decreased $1.4 billion or 0.6 percent to $248.8 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This decrease, down two consecutive months, followed a 1.0 percent April decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders decreased 0.3 percent. Excluding defense, new orders decreased 1.5 percent. Transportation equipment, also down two consecutive months, led the decrease, $0.9 billion or 1.0 percent to $86.1 billion. Shipments Shipments of manufactured durable goods in May, down following nine consecutive monthly increases, decreased $0.2 billion or 0.1 percent to $246.9 billion. This followed a virtually unchanged April increase. Transportation equipment, down tw

Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories and Orders. New Orders Manufactured goods fell 0.9 percent in October 2010 shipements rosoe 0.%3..F & F I N .

FINANCIAL & FOREX INFO NEWS     New orders for manufactured goods fell 0.9 percent in October 2010, to $420.1 billion.   Shipments rose 0.3 percent, to $421.0 billion, unfilled orders increased 0.6 percent, to $821.6 billion, and inventories rose 0.9 percent, to $538.2 billion