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News | Business | Industry | Carsmakers: Nissan shares fall 10% after record loss warning

2-3 minutos - Source: BBC Image copyright Getty Images Nissan's shares have plunged by 10% in Tokyo trading after warning that it would see a record annual loss. Japan's second largest carmaker said it expects a $4.5bn (£3.5bn) operating loss this year as the coronavirus hinders its turnaround efforts. The worse-than-expected forecast came as the company predicted its sales will be the lowest in a decade. It's the latest indication of the extent of the damage caused by the pandemic to the global car industry. “The market outlook remains uncertain and we may see a further deterioration in demand due to a possible second wave of the pandemic,” Nissan's chief executive Makoto Uchida told investors. Mr Uchida also said the company would not make a dividend payout to shareho

Industry | Five ways blockchain will impact search marketing.

Chris Porteous 5-6 minutes Few technologies promise to have an impact on the marketplace as tremendous as the blockchain technology. Though many professionals in the search marketing industry are still entirely unfamiliar with it. Blockchain’s disruptive nature is changing the nature of digital advertising regardless of whether some professionals hear about it or not, however, meaning it’s imperative to catch up on how this technology is changing the industry if you want to remain competitive. Here are five of the major ways that blockchain will impact search marketing , and how advertising professionals are already beginning to master this interesting technology as it takes over. 1. Blockchain will make ads trustworthy Consumers hate advertisements for a number of reasons, but by and large the most common is that they simply think advertising technology is untrustwort